A Witness to Birds

Birds feeding 2011Every year these birds come to hatch and raise their young in a little bird house in my back yard. So far I have seen two of the birds feeding bugs to the young. They do this from first light until dark. That’s dedication!

Last year I witnessed the kids “leaving the nest” for the first time. I just happened to be walking by on my way back from my barn when they ambarked on their first flight. Prior to this event I noticed that five or six of the adult birds were sitting on the wire outside the nest making a lot of noise as if they were cheering the kids on. The video was recorded on two separate occasions. It was an amazing experience that brought joy to my heart. I am always amazed by Mother Nature. Much Love. -Frank

Crazy Ravens and Robins In The Woods

On July 5th 2011 I wanted to have a quiet day. The birds in my back yard would have it the other way…. Loud! Here are some robins and ravens going crazy in the woods that day. Recorded with a Sennheser MKH-416 and a SD-702. There is some background noise from the stream and a car pass i the distance. Technically called Corvus corax and it’s call is a hoarse croak.

Crazy Ravens In The Woods by therecordist

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