Avalanche Control with Snowfall HD SoundBox

Snow Recording Day

While finishing up my next SoundBox HD library “Snowfall HD”, I took a few minutes out of serious editing time and had some fun trying to come up with avalanches with the source material. I found the files I wanted to experiment with in Soundminer and adjusted the pitch to 72% below normal and imported the files into Pro Tools. I quickly found two sets of snow falling off trees and layered them together. One set was full and heavy and the other set was lighter and dry.

I then added some Waves RenBass (OK, maybe lots of RenBass) and then bussed it into SoundToys Decapitator. I found a great starting preset with way to much high end sizzle and adjusted the low frequency back to normal and changed the analog model to one that sounded good to me. I then pulled back on the “Punish” button. The result was very cool. It had this “over modulated and clipped” analog sound that really beefed up the heavy snow fall sounds.

Soundtoys Decap Plug

The audio examples below show what you can do with the sounds in my Snowfall HD SoundBox.

Avalanche Control Demo by therecordist

Pro Tools Screen

I hope you enjoyed this quick sound design blog. Creating a “larger than life” avalanche is challenging without picture lock and maybe someday I will grab the awesome avalanche scene from the movie xXx and see if these work with that scene.



  1. Juan David Chahin  January 11, 2011

    Thanks for those tips! it seems to be a great library!


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