Designing Sound Interview

Designing Sound has published an Interview with me. We talked about several things, including my career, the tools I use, creativity, gaming, sound effects recording and more. Check it out:

Frank Bry Special: Exclusive Interview

Designing Sound: Frank, please tell us how you started in sound design and describe the evolution of your career.

Frank Bry: My career in sound design has been an evolution, a progression, and a series of events that finally led to sound effects recording and design. My ...

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Ultimate Fire SFX Teaser

Here is my teaser video for my next Ultimate SFX library. This video was really a gas to make (No pun intended). I re-lived all those scorching hot moments standing within 4 feet of large fire bursts, massive slash piles burning and white hot embers while trying not to melt my microphone. Sometimes I smelled the smoke as I was editing the audio and video. Very strange brain tricks happening. Ahhh, I really love the smell of kerosene also! Not.

This ...

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Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

One of the things I’ve always wanted to record was the sound of the snow falling off the towering Fir trees here in North Idaho. For the last 15 years I’ve tried many times but the conditions were always terrible. There was usually too much wind or the trees were wet and dripping or it was just plain impossible to get clean recordings. Over this past Thanksgiving weekend the conditions were perfect. Over a 3 day period 18 inches of ...

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Recording a Blizzard 11-22-2010

For the past few days it has been incredibly cold for this time of year in North Idaho. Along with this cold came some very strong winds and blowing snow from Canada. With temperatures at 1 degree above zero and a wind chill of -25 degrees below zero, recording was going to be a challenge. I had a chance to record some of this wind and snow over a two day period.

The first part of the audio demonstration was recorded ...

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Recording Large Fire Bursts 11-6-2010

This is the second installment for a series of blog posts following my recording of a new library I am releasing soon called Ultimate Fire. Last week I posted pictures and video of recording a traditional torch. This week shows me dumping various flammable liquids on a bed of coals that had burned quietly overnight.

I’ve been recording fire for this collection since 2007. So far I’ve recorded 10 gigabytes of raw material for this collection. I started out with small ...

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Fire Torch Recording 11-14-2010

For what I hope is the final session for Ultimate Fire SFX I recorded some old fashioned torches. I had a minor goofball moment when the top of the first torch flew off and hit the side of the garage. All is well and I got some fantastic flame whooshes.

To contruct these torches I gathered together a broom stick shaft, rake handle, old towels, wire and kerosene. I made 3 sizes: small, medium and large. I ...

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Fire Recording 11-07-2010

Since I could not attend the AES show this year I had nothing to do over the weekend. Really? Nah. I decided the weather was just right to get some fire recording done. I will have a more in depth blog post in December but here is what is in the audio clip:

1. Stove oil and gasoline bursts
2. Bottles of liquid fuel tossed on hot coals (one burst a hole and squirted fire all over)
3. Propane torch ignited ...

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The Making Of Ultimate Mud SFX Library

Ultimate Mud

Sonic Terrain has published an article I wrote on the making of Ultimate Mud SFX Library.

Making of The Recordist’s Ultimate Mud SFX Library

Recording the Ultimate Mud SFX Library was quite an experience. I’ve always wanted my own mud splat or “Giblet” library. The term Giblet comes from working on fantasy type video games where monsters get slayed by the player and they explode into a bunch of pieces. ...

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Where Did All This Dust Come From

I decided today was the day to completely tear down my studio and get rid of the dust and spider kill that seems to be everywhere under the desk! It’s been 5 1/2 years since I set this studio up so I thought is was time. I also need to finish some wood trim and fill the spaces behind the trim. Some pics for the hell of it.


In case you are wondering about the desk. I built it from 2 ...

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Ultimate Mud SFX Library Preview

Ultimate Mud
Here are some pics and audio clips from my Ultimate Mud SFX Library.

This one of a kind collection contains 464 slimy and wet mud sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz.

Includes: splats, splashes, drips, pours, bubbles, gurgles, movements, impacts, spooges, suction and much more.

I recorded dumping mud from my tractor, a large pail, and shovel. I also used the rubber boots to walk around and get myself stuck ...

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