Train Railcars Bump And Grind

North Idaho Trains Bump Banner

November 29, 2011

During a simple grocery run into town I noticed a train stopped on a bridge over the highway. I guessed it might be leaving soon and I knew where to go to get close to it and changed my route. Once I got there I noticed another train was also waiting next to the one I saw on the bridge. I knew ...

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North Idaho Train Recording

North Idaho Trains Banner

Back in March of 2011 I started a two year project to record as many trains as possible from North Idaho. I’ve lived here for many years and never really took the time to go out and record the beasts as they roared through the Panhandle of Idaho. I recorded some back in 1995 before I moved here and those are good but they are only ...

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Crazy Train Doppler Pass Bys

Here are some very close train passes recorded with a matched stereo pair of MKH-8040 microphones set in XY at 110 degrees. The microphones were placed less than 2 meters from the fast moving freight train. Five 24-Bit 96K train takes were shortened and edited together… each train takes 3 minutes to completely pass by. The location was in front of the Sandpoint Idaho train station. There is a new freeway opening soon right behind the station and this will ...

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Canada Geese Migrating Nov 5 2011

Canada Geese Recording 2011

I was having my first cup of morning coffee on a cold, quiet Saturday morning and the light of day was beginning and I noticed a strange V shaped pattern in the distant sky over the lake. At first, I flashed back to the day when I recorded a B-2 Stealth bomber in Seattle because thats what it looked like. I knew what was approaching and I ...

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M60 Machine Gun Microphone Comparisons

M60 Machine Gun Microphone Comparisons

M60 Machine Gun Microphone Comparison 1

This video cycles through the microphones used during the first recording session for this gun. This first session was for capturing the medium close and distant perspectives and the second session was primarily for the close up sound. Recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz/192kHz to 2 Sound Devices SD-702 recorders, Fostex FR-2, Sony PCM-D1 with XLR-1 Microphone Preamp and a Sony PCM-D50. The microphones used were 3 Sennheiser MKH-8040, MKH-416, AT-835ST, Sanken ...

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The Wall Comes Crashing Down

As a sound recordist, one of the best things about living in a small town in the middle of nowhere besides fresh air, clean water and quiet is sometimes you get to record things that would be very difficult or impossible to record anywhere else. Some of those things are recording a M-60 machine gun in someones back yard or getting the powerful sounds of a building being ripped apart by an excavator. Well, that has been my life experience ...

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Explosion Recording October 2011

I’ve always wanted to record explosions and while I was recording a few guns recently I had my chance. Explosions are not something you can record everyday. I takes some planning, a good location that allows this kind of loud stuff and a very good shot. Since I have the gear all I needed was the above. It all came together after months of planning with the local gun shop. After recording a bunch of guns it was time to ...

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Gun Recording October 21 2011

Here is a quick blog post about my experience recording some big guns. There is a lot more to tell but I wanted to share some of my initial thoughts, video and pictures from the session.

The shoot was arranged very quickly because the weather here in North Idaho was about to turn nasty and I wanted to get some gun sounds before the end of the year. Rain was forecast for the days after the shoot but the day of ...

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The Adventure of a Leaftime

You Are Recording What?

I’ve been asked a few times, “You’re recording leaves? Why?” My short answer was because they are there. The long answer is because I’ve always needed some leaf-type sounds in my video game work. Whether it was for a fantasy forest ambient track sweetener, a tree monster, or a spaceship roaring low over trees, leaves come in very handy. So now the question is: What do I record and where do I record it? In this ...

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Ultimate Foliage SFX Library Part 2: Breaking Wind

Recording the sound of wind through trees, broadleaf cattails at a remote mountain pond and dry leaves dancing in the yard. I also had to force some leafy action with my bare hands. Enjoy the soothing sounds of foliage! Recorded in High Definition at 24-Bit 96K. A sound effects library like no other. From The Recordist.


Ultimate Foliage Recording
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