Explosives HD Pro SFX

Explosives HD ProSFX: 700+ • Zip Size(s): 1.76GB • Price: $200.00 USD

Over course of 2012 I’ve recorded a whole bunch of Tannerite, White Lightning, Goliath, a black powder cannon, large caliber rifles and some other secret stuff I’m not at liberty to talk about or to have video of. The result of this massive undertaking is a one of a kind collection of things that make a loud noise when lit up or shot at and ...

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Fireworks Show HD Pro SFX

Fireworks Show HDFiles: 60 • Zip Size: 2.72GB • Price: $50.00 USD

Fireworks Show HD 192K Professional Sound Effects Library is a multi channel recording of a complete fireworks presentation. Recorded at 24-Bit 192K with a mono close up microphone and stereo set of microphones in full windshields and windjammers to 2 Sound Devices SD-702 recorders sync locked together. They were placed approximately 6 meters away from the finale launch tubes. The Sennheiser MKH-8040 pointed ...

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Ultimate Fire HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Fire HD ProFiles: 583 • Zip Size: 4.1GB • Price: $150.00 US

At long last, here it is, after four long years and zero trips to the emergency room, what every serious sound designer needs: A professionally recorded fire sound effects library. I present: Ultimate Fire. This scorching hot royalty free collection contains 583 fire sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz and 192kHz.

I started this sound library out of the need for a diverse collection of ...

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