Free Crazy Sound Effects

Here are the FREE CRAZY SOUNDS that I have made available for download through SoundCloud for 2013. Some files are 24-Bit 96kHz (HD) and others are CD quality. Please Note: The standard “The Recordist single user license” applies to these free sound effects. Copyright laws, international copyright treaties, and intellectual property laws protect The Recordist Sound Effects. Copyright infringement is a serious offense. The Recordist protects its copyrights by all necessary means, including legal action.

This work is made and given ...

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Interview with Frank Bry

Creating an Experience with Sound Effects – Interview with Frank Bry

This is a interview I did with my good friend Paul Virostek from

How can you record great sound effects?

Field recording well requires using gear properly, having a solid recording sensibility, and knowledge of acoustics and signal flow.

However, as a listener, these things rarely come to mind when we hear an impressive sound. It’s similar to watching a movie: we never wonder how the gaffer lit a scene. That may ...

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Explosions: The AlloyoZone Way

I have been trying out two iZotope processors for a few days now and discovered they can really enhance raw sound effects recordings in an exciting way (for me anyway). I’m tired of the same old stuff from the mainstream plug-in companies and want to spice up my life a bit. For this blog post I ran some explosions I recorded last year in the mountains here in North Idaho. I was messing around with Alloy 2 and Ozone 5 ...

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Crazy Sound of The Week: Bullet Mule


This is a set of processed bullet and gun sound effects recorded at the “Cliffs” in the North Idaho mountains in October 2012. The 1st sound is the final composite mix and then the individual elements used to create it. There was no synthesis applied juts pitch change, transient enhancement, compression and some substantial hard limiting. All the processing was done via the VST Rack in Soundminer ...

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Explosion Sounds From Scratch

Explosion Sounds From Scratch

Two years ago I asked myself the question “How can I record the sound of explosions without breaking the bank” After months of research including many hours of watching You Tube videos I asked my local gun shop if they would be able to help me. “Yes we can” was the enthusiastic answer. So, a little over a year ago during the first M-60 machine gun ...

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Bullets HD Pro SFX Library Update

Bullets HD Pro SFX Library

Today marks the release of the 3rd beta which includes all new ricochets and bullet foley. If you purchased the library prior to September 19, 2012 you will receive a product email from my download service with the link to the latest set of sounds (Zip-3B) today.

Where we are at now:
1. I have arranged to get a old Ford Bronco SUV to shoot the crap out of. This session was planned for ...

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