Machine Guns HD Pro Bundle

Machine Guns HD Pro Bundle • Download: 5.2GB • Price: $225.00 (Save $50.00)

Machine Guns HD Pro Bundle features six fully automatic weapons recorded in various locations in North Idaho at 24-Bit 96kHz and 192kHz. From wide open fields to the confines of a gravel pit in the wilderness the gun sounds here represent some of the best this unique environment has to offer. The sounds included in this bundled collection are from previously released sound effects libraries.

As you may already ...

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Thunderstorm HD Pro Bundle 1-2-3

Thunderstorm HD Pro BundleFiles: 263 • Download: 5.36GB • Price: $350.00 USD. Save $100.00!

The Thunderstorm HD Professional Sound Effects Library Bundle is massive collection of thunder and lightning sound effects from Thunderstorm 1 HD, Thunderstorm 2 HD and Thunderstorm 3 HD. Save $100.00 USD when purchased together as a bundle. $450.00 if purchased separately. This special one of a kind bundle of all three collections is the ULTIMATE in ...

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Ultimate Ice Combo HD Pro

Ultimate Ice HD Pro Combo • Files: 1180 • Zip Sizes: 2.04GB • Price: $125.00 USD. Save $25.00

Presenting Ultimate Ice Combo HD Professional Sound Effects Collection, a massive sound effects from both Ultimate Ice collections. Included are all the crazy North Idaho ice cracks, hits, scrapes and breaks from these ground breaking sound effects libraries. This Combo includes previously released HD sound effects libraries and is stocked full with ice.

Ultimate Ice HD Pro Sound Effects Library contains ...

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Animals And Insects HD Bundle

Animals & Insects HD Pro BundleFiles: Tons • Download: Big • Price: $150.00 – Save $55.00

The Recordist Animals & Insects HD Bundle is unique collection of animal and insect sound effects from five previously released sound effects libraries. Save $55.00 USD when purchased together in this bundle, $205.00 USD when purchased separately. If you have one or more of these collections, contact The Recordist for a special upgrade package.

Bats, Birds And Bugs ...

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Ultimate Rockslide Combo HD Pro

Ultimate Rockslide HD ComboFiles: 1250 • Zip Size: 2.02GB • Price: $125.00 US Save $25.00!

Presenting Ultimate Rockslide Combo HD Professional Sound Effects Library. This collection from The Recordist contains 1250 24bit/96kHz rock and dirt sound effects from both collections at a special price of $125.00 (a savings of $25.00). If you have never purchased any of the rock collections before, this massive library of earth based sound effects with detailed Metadata embedded will ...

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