Chainsaw HD Pro SFX

CHAINSAW HD • Files: 30 • Zip Size: 823.3MB • Price: $35.00

Presenting CHAINSAW HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. I am one of the lucky few who live in the enchanted land of chain saws. On any given day someone nearby is running one. Whether it’s a homeowner cutting firewood or a professional logging operation, the chain saw sound abounds. I also happen to own a very heavy, loud and obnoxious chain saw that I purchased in 1999 when I was a ...

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Motorz ElektriX HD Pro SFX

Motorz ElektriX HD • Files: (150) 500+ • Zip(s) Size: 2.1GB • Price: $75.00 USD

Prepare yourself for a six year journey through the mind of the motor. Presenting Motorz ElektriX HD Professional Sound Effects Library. Included are more than 500 individual sounds recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz and presented on 150 Broadcast WAV files with detailed Metadata.

It all began back in early 2007 as I was working on the Supreme Commander video game franchise. I needed fresh new source material for hundreds of completely ...

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Ultimate Chain HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Chain HD ProFiles: 160 (670) • Size: 1.3GB • Price: $75.00 US

Introducing Ultimate Chain Sound HD Professional Effects Library. 670 unique 24-Bit 96kHz sound effects presented on 160 Broadcast WAV files. Included in this collection are a wide variety of performances with large heavy chains, medium chains, small chains, load binders, dumpster chains and much more.

The chains were pulled through hooks, dragged on many types of surfaces and objects, hit, dropped, squeaked, and whipped ...

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Metal Containment HD Pro SFX

Metal Containment HD ProFiles: 100+ • Zip Size: 293.0MB • Price: $35.00 US

Introducing Metal Containment HD Professional Sound Effects Library. As part of my ongoing commitment to providing you with the craziest sounds and the most “metal for your buck” I am merging a few of the HD sound libraries that have been available for the last few years. These collections have been revamped and expanded for the SoundBox HD Professional line of libraries.

Danger ...

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