The Making Of Thunderstorm 3 SFX Library

October 7, 2014 – Frank Bry

In this article I will reveal my secrets and techniques to recording decent thunder and lightning. Many, many years and sleepless nights have gone into perfecting the art of recording the thunderstorm and I will finally share. But first, I want to share a little history and tell you how I developed these secrets and techniques. It was not so easy at first and here’s the story I’m still alive to tell. Part 1: Live ...

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Game Developers Conference 2014

Here we go again! I will be at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) from March 18th through the 21st. GDC is the premier event designed to inform and educate game industry professionals on online multiplayer games, mobile and next generation game technologies. If you are making the trip to San Francisco this year, I hope to see you there. If you want to meet and chat, I can be found wandering around where the audio sessions are being held, at ...

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Interview with Frank Bry

Creating an Experience with Sound Effects – Interview with Frank Bry

This is a interview I did with my good friend Paul Virostek from

How can you record great sound effects?

Field recording well requires using gear properly, having a solid recording sensibility, and knowledge of acoustics and signal flow.

However, as a listener, these things rarely come to mind when we hear an impressive sound. It’s similar to watching a movie: we never wonder how the gaffer lit a scene. That may ...

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Tonebenders Gun Recording Podcast

February 19, 2013 – It was an honor and privilege to participate in the 7th Tonebenders Podcast about recording guns with Charles Maynes, Watson Wu and Axel Rohrbach. Episode 7 features a round table discussion on the art of field recording firearms. Regular hosts Rene, Timothy and Dustin are joined by Frank Bry (of and Charles Maynes (one of Hollywood’s go to gun guys), who sit in for the whole podcast. Axel Rohrbach (from Germany’s ...

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Gunscapes HD Pro SFX Bulletin

Gunscapes HD Pro SFX Library

This is the official page for Gunscapes HD Pro SFX news, gossip and super critical updates. When news is made concerning the library I will post it here with or without spelling and grammatical errors. (It all depends on how much of a rush I’m in) You can also post questions, comments and suggestions about the library. This library is also fielding requests. If ...

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Soundbites – Quarterly Newsletter, Fall 2012

Welcome to the Soundbites Newsletter for the Fall of 2012. It has been one crazy, busy year up here in wilds of North Idaho and there is so much more to come. Here is an update on current projects and some info on new and upcoming releases.

Bullets HD Pro Update
The library is currently at Beta 3 which was released on September 20, 2012. I ...

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Quarterly Newsletter 2012 Q1

Therecordist Quarterly Newsletter

Introducing The Recordist Newsletter. Every three months I will update you on the many projects and upcoming sound effects library products as well as other stupid crazy stories from the ranch here in North Idaho. Read on….

2011 Recap:

Thanks to you and your support, 2011 was an amazing year for me and I released over 25 new HD sound collections, experienced things I never had experienced before and got ...

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Mangled Metal SFX Library Preview

Here is a preview with audio, photos and a little background on the making of my forthcoming SFX library called MANGLED METAL.

So here I am at the tail end of recording for my next SoundBox HD Pro library and I decided to go all out and dump some metal from the JD tractor. I set up 3 microphones, a MKH-416, Sanken CSS-5 and the stereo MKH-8040ST. I wanted to get some intense crashes with the junk metal I have around ...

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Ultimate Chain SFX Library Preview 2

Ultimate Chain SFX Library

Here is a second preview with audio, photos and a little background in the making of my forthcoming sounds effects library called ULTIMATE CHAIN.

This time I wanted to record some gearbox type chain sound effects. I have an old wood cooking stove that was here on the ranch when I purchased it and have been keeping it around for sound effects recording. I’ve dropped it, smashed it and ...

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Ultimate Chain SFX Library Preview

Here is a preview with audio, photos and a little background in the making of my forthcoming sounds effects library called ULTIMATE CHAIN.

I’ve recorded many chains over the years but never have I recorded chains of this size. “Heavy” is how I can describe handling some of these chains. I pulled them over metal bars, wood beams and across thick steel plates. I’ve dropped them, dragged them across many types of surfaces and twirled them in the air. So far ...

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