Game Audio GDC 2011 Tweet Wrap & Photo Gallery

GDC 2011 Outside the Audio SessionsMy friend Damian who runs the blog “Lost Chocolate Lab” has posted his and other tweets from GDC 2011. He has also included some great pictures of us audio peeps hanging out in the hallway between sessions. Thanks so much Damian!

From his blog: In the ephemeral stream of consciousness, it can often be hard to pin down the flow of a ...

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GDC 2011 Photos

Here are some pictures from my trip to GDC 2011. I had such a great time meeting all the folks from the Twitter Universe. I also got to see some old friends and meet some of my customers. Thanks for all the wonderful comments about my sound libraries offered here at my website. Your support is truly appreciated and I hope I can see all of you next year.



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Miguel Isaza is Having Fun with Mud and Water

My friend Miguel from Designing Sound just posted a blog about his fun with some of my Ultimate SFX collections. Review and sound clips included.

“I admire Frank Bry a lot, not only for his great design work and philosophy, but also for the incredible job he does at The Recordist, one of the leading companies in this era of sound effects independence. Today I’ll talk about two of his recent libraries: Ultimate Mud and Ultimate Splash.

Apart of the great sounds ...

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Designing Sound Interview

Designing Sound has published an Interview with me. We talked about several things, including my career, the tools I use, creativity, gaming, sound effects recording and more. Check it out:

Frank Bry Special: Exclusive Interview

Designing Sound: Frank, please tell us how you started in sound design and describe the evolution of your career.

Frank Bry: My career in sound design has been an evolution, a progression, and a series of events that finally led to sound effects recording and design. My ...

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The Making Of Ultimate Mud SFX Library

Ultimate Mud

Sonic Terrain has published an article I wrote on the making of Ultimate Mud SFX Library.

Making of The Recordist’s Ultimate Mud SFX Library

Recording the Ultimate Mud SFX Library was quite an experience. I’ve always wanted my own mud splat or “Giblet” library. The term Giblet comes from working on fantasy type video games where monsters get slayed by the player and they explode into a bunch of pieces. ...

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