Miguel Isaza is Having Fun with Mud and Water

My friend Miguel from Designing Sound just posted a blog about his fun with some of my Ultimate SFX collections. Review and sound clips included.

“I admire Frank Bry a lot, not only for his great design work and philosophy, but also for the incredible job he does at The Recordist, one of the leading companies in this era of sound effects independence. Today I’ll talk about two of his recent libraries: Ultimate Mud and Ultimate Splash.

Apart of the great sounds ...

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Avalanche Control with Snowfall HD SoundBox

Snow Recording Day

While finishing up my next SoundBox HD library “Snowfall HD”, I took a few minutes out of serious editing time and had some fun trying to come up with avalanches with the source material. I found the files I wanted to experiment with in Soundminer and adjusted the pitch to 72% below normal and imported the files into Pro Tools. I quickly found two sets of snow falling ...

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Gun Recording May 30 2010

Gun Recording on May 30, 2010

Over the holiday weekend I decided to give a shot at recording guns. My sister and her friend were hanging around so we grabbed his Glock 19 and I had my Remington 870 Shotgun. We shot over 150 rounds of ammunition.

We need something to prevent bullet ricos so I found a very wet bail of hay in the garden and proceeded to install it with the JD. I learned a great deal and plan to ...

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