Jet Airliner Interior

Jet Airliner InteriorFiles: 28 • Zip Size: 1.1GB • Price: $35.00 USD

Introducing Jet Airliner Interior Sound Effects Library SoundVault. This collection contains sounds from inside four airplanes during flight. Most were recorded in the mid 1990s when flights were many and people were few (those were the days!). Three of the interiors were recorded with the Sonic Studios DSM head worn microphones to a PDR-1000 DAT machine at 16-Bit 48kHz. The fourth was recorded in 2009 ...

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Broken World Glass SFX Library

Broken World: Glass SFX LibraryFiles: 345 • Zip File Size: 208.0MB • Price: $50.00 USD

The Recordist’s Broken World: Glass Sound Effects Library is a series of amazingly dynamic professional sound effects recorded at 16-Bit 48kHz, 24-Bit 48kHz and mastered at 24-Bit 48kHz. The sounds in this collection were hand-picked from over 18 years of The Recordist’s massive archive of digital sound recordings. Many hours were spent re-mastering the original source files to bring them up to current standards. ...

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Special Edition SFX Library

The Recordist’s Special Edition Sound Effects Library is an expansive collection of professional sound effects and compelling audio design custom made to help heighten any production.

The designed sounds in this one of a kind collection were hand-picked from The Recordists’ massive audio archive and includes categories such as Sci-Fi, doors, crashes, impacts, airplanes, weather, water and much more. Detailed metadata is included for Soundminer Pro and other sound librarian software.

This “Special Edition” contains 1030 high quality 16-Bit 44.1kHz Broadcast WAV sound ...

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