Ultimate Bullet HD Pro

Ultimate Bullet HD Pro • Files: 191 (2331) • Download: 1.4GB • On Sale!: $200.00

Presenting the highly anticipated sequel to Bullets HD Professional Sound Effects Library: Ultimate Bullet HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. Over a year and a half in the making with thousands of rounds of ammunition shot, this one of a kind collection showcases higher caliber projectiles passing by inches from multiple sets of extended frequency response microphones.

Recorded in three unique locations with a variety of suppressed handguns and high ...

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Machine Guns HD Pro Bundle

Machine Guns HD Pro Bundle • Download: 5.2GB • Price: $225.00 (Save $50.00)

Machine Guns HD Pro Bundle features six fully automatic weapons recorded in various locations in North Idaho at 24-Bit 96kHz and 192kHz. From wide open fields to the confines of a gravel pit in the wilderness the gun sounds here represent some of the best this unique environment has to offer. The sounds included in this bundled collection are from previously released sound effects libraries.

As you may already ...

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Thunderstorm 3 HD Pro SFX

Thunderstorm 3 HD Pro • Files: 118 • Download: 3.36GB • Price: $200.00

Presenting Thunderstorm III HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. The perfect storm is here! This sound effects library is a unprecedented audio love-fest of extremely close up dry lightning strikes and massive thunder claps only North Idaho can produce. With much help from the thunder gods over the last 3 1/2 years, this collection of mother nature’s power and fury is finally complete. The library contains 118 24-Bit 96kHz Broadcast WAV ...

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RubberZ PlastiX HD Pro SFX

RubberZ PlastiX HD Pro • Files: 105 • Download: 708.2MB • Price: $75.00

Yes, I know… A crazy name for a sound library with misplaced Z and X. Why? I could not think of any other name for this one of a kind collection.

Presenting RubberZ PlastiX HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. Included are over 850 wild and crazy sounds made from rubber and plastic objects. Years in the making and dozens of experimental recording sessions resulted in this synthetic symphony of sound insanity. ...

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Firearm Foley: Vintage Rifles

Firearm Foley: Vintage Rifles HD • Files: 116 (1300+) • Download: 238.8MB • Price: $50.00

Presenting Firearm Foley: Vintage Rifles HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. Polished, hardened steel and decades old wood stock give these rifles a distinct sound not heard with today’s rifles made of modern plastics and composite materials.

Recorded with a pair of Sennheiser microphones, one positioned to the side of the gun and the other at the front to a Sound Devices 702 recorder at 24 Bit / 96kHz. The ...

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GunTales HD Pro SFX

GunTales HD • Files: 156 (925+) • Download: 3.2GB • Price: $150.00

Presenting GunTales HD Professional Sound Effects Collection, a one of a kind collection of firearms recorded for the simple purpose of capturing the “report” or “reverb tail” from the guns. Included are small caliber handguns, two bolt action rifles (featuring the Barrett 50 BMG), a shotgun (with rifled slugs) and a AR-15 assault rifle. The first recording session took place on a wide open 400 acre ranch near the mountains and ...

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Chainsaw HD Pro SFX

CHAINSAW HD • Files: 30 • Zip Size: 823.3MB • Price: $35.00

Presenting CHAINSAW HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. I am one of the lucky few who live in the enchanted land of chain saws. On any given day someone nearby is running one. Whether it’s a homeowner cutting firewood or a professional logging operation, the chain saw sound abounds. I also happen to own a very heavy, loud and obnoxious chain saw that I purchased in 1999 when I was a ...

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Dirt HD Pro SFX

Dirt HDFiles: 78 (400+) | Zip Size: 632.8MB | Price: $50.00 USD

Presenting Dirt HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. From the dirty mind of The Recordist comes a unique collection of totally organic, GMO free dirt sound effects recorded with ultra high frequency microphones. When pitched to extremes they sound unlike anything you have heard before. Sweeten your next explosive project with farm fresh North Idaho dirt.

Various types of dirt were recorded with many sound design applications in mind. Sand, gravel, ...

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Ultimate Ice Combo HD Pro

Ultimate Ice HD Pro Combo • Files: 1180 • Zip Sizes: 2.04GB • Price: $125.00 USD. Save $25.00

Presenting Ultimate Ice Combo HD Professional Sound Effects Collection, a massive sound effects from both Ultimate Ice collections. Included are all the crazy North Idaho ice cracks, hits, scrapes and breaks from these ground breaking sound effects libraries. This Combo includes previously released HD sound effects libraries and is stocked full with ice.

Ultimate Ice HD Pro Sound Effects Library contains ...

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Tree Monster Combo

Tree Monster Combo HD • Files: 1250 • Zip Sizes: 2.87GB • Price: $125.00 Save $25.00

The Tree Monster HD Combo is a huge collection of wood and leaf based sound effects from the Ultimate Wood and Ultimate Foliage collections. If you are looking to design the sound of a tree monster or just crazy forest sounds in general, than this is the combo set for you.

This collection has everything you need to construct a massive stump creature including high quality source such ...

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