Thunderstorm 2 HD Pro SFX

Thunderstorm 2 HD ProFiles: 55 • Zip Size: 794.0MB • Price: $100.00 USD

At long last, it’s here! Presenting the sequel to Thunderstorm HD: Thunderstorm 2 HD Professional Sound Effects Library. Over two years and dozens of storms in the making, this 24-Bit 96kHz collection of thunder and lightning is just what you need to make any storm soundscape complete. Included among the 55 Broadcast WAV files are extremely close ...

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M60 Machine Gun HD Pro SFX

M60 Machine Gun HDFiles: 129 • Zip Size: 1.5GB • Price: $75.00 US

Presenting The M60 Machine Gun HD Professional Sound Effects Library, a multi-channel collection of 129 Broadcast WAV tracks recorded at 24-Bit 192kHz and 24-Bit 96kHz. The M60 is a belt-fed machine gun that fires the 7.62 mm NATO cartridge (.308 winchester) commonly used in larger rifles. The M60 used for this collection is a M60E3: An updated, lightweight version adopted in the ...

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Ultimate Foliage HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Foliage HD ProFiles: 196 • Zip Size: 2.1GB • Price: $75.00 USD

Ultimate Foliage HD Professional Sound Effects Library from The Recordist is a one of a kind collection of High Definition foliage sound effects recorded and mastered at 24-Bit 96kHz. Included in the 196 tracks are over 750 unique leaf, bush, grass and tree branch performances ranging from the soft subtle rustling of leaves to hard hitting tree limbs. A sound effects collection like ...

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Beech 58P Airplane HD Pro

Beech 58P Airplane HD ProFiles: 78 • Zip Sizes: 2.5GB • Price: $75.00 USD

Presenting the Beechcraft Baron 58P propeller plane HD Pro sound effects collection. The Beechcraft Baron is a light, twin-engined piston aircraft originally developed by Beech Aircraft Corporation and currently manufactured by the Hawker Beechcraft Corporation. The Baron is a variant of the Beechcraft Bonanza, and was first introduced in 1961. Since its inception, the Baron has always been near the top ...

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North Country Rain HD Pro SFX

North Country Rain HD ProFiles: 38 • Zip Size: 2.1GB • Price: $50.00 USD

North Country Rain HD Professional Sound Effects Library contains 38 24-bit/96khz Broadcast WAV rain sound effects from North Idaho. Recorded on my country ranch and other locations in the county including farms, forests, concrete floors, pavement, fields of green and patios. Heavy, soft, blustery and sometimes icy, the rain selections included were meticulously edited and chosen from over 20 hours of ...

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Fireworks Show HD Pro SFX

Fireworks Show HDFiles: 60 • Zip Size: 2.72GB • Price: $50.00 USD

Fireworks Show HD 192K Professional Sound Effects Library is a multi channel recording of a complete fireworks presentation. Recorded at 24-Bit 192K with a mono close up microphone and stereo set of microphones in full windshields and windjammers to 2 Sound Devices SD-702 recorders sync locked together. They were placed approximately 6 meters away from the finale launch tubes. The Sennheiser MKH-8040 pointed ...

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Mangled Metal HD Pro SFX

Mangled Metal HD ProFiles: 715 • Zip Size: 2.22GB • Price: $75.00 USD

Mangled Metal HD Professional Sound Effects Library is a unique and hard hitting collection of High Definition sound effects recorded at 96k and 192k. Included are 715 metal rips, tears, dents, scrapes, folds, slides, rubs, impacts, crashes, drops and much more. The source for this library came from a ton of metal objects found around my ranch.

Being a pack-rat runs in the ...

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Ultimate Chain HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Chain HD ProFiles: 160 (670) • Size: 1.3GB • Price: $75.00 US

Introducing Ultimate Chain Sound HD Professional Effects Library. 670 unique 24-Bit 96kHz sound effects presented on 160 Broadcast WAV files. Included in this collection are a wide variety of performances with large heavy chains, medium chains, small chains, load binders, dumpster chains and much more.

The chains were pulled through hooks, dragged on many types of surfaces and objects, hit, dropped, squeaked, and whipped ...

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Metal Containment HD Pro SFX

Metal Containment HD ProFiles: 100+ • Zip Size: 293.0MB • Price: $35.00 US

Introducing Metal Containment HD Professional Sound Effects Library. As part of my ongoing commitment to providing you with the craziest sounds and the most “metal for your buck” I am merging a few of the HD sound libraries that have been available for the last few years. These collections have been revamped and expanded for the SoundBox HD Professional line of libraries.

Danger ...

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Farm And Forest Wind HD Pro SFX

Farm And Forest Wind HD ProFiles: 22 • Zip Size: 975.2MB • Price: $35.00 US

Originally released on: Apr 24, 2011 as Forest Wind HD & Corn Stalk Wind HD.

This unique ambience collection contains 22 elegant 24-Bit 96kHz wind sounds from some intense windstorms in the forest and a corn field here in North Idaho.

Recorded over 3 distinct seasons it has blowing wind through tall fir trees with leaves and without. My ranch has ...

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