Ultimate Fire HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Fire HD ProFiles: 583 • Zip Size: 4.1GB • Price: $150.00 US

At long last, here it is, after four long years and zero trips to the emergency room, what every serious sound designer needs: A professionally recorded fire sound effects library. I present: Ultimate Fire. This scorching hot royalty free collection contains 583 fire sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz and 192kHz.

I started this sound library out of the need for a diverse collection of ...

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Ultimate Mud HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Mud HD ProFiles: 464 • Zip Size: 638.8MB • Price: $75.00 USD

Ultimate Mud HD Professional Sound Effects Library contains 464 really slimy mud sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz. Mud was dropped, squished, splashed, moved and poured to create a generous assortment of sounds that will compliment any horror movie soundtrack or video game.

Actions include: mud dumped from a tractor bucket, plopped and poured from a 5 gallon pail, squeezed and hit with ...

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Ultimate Snow HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Snow HD ProFiles: 300 • Zip File Size: 600.0MB • Price: $50.00 USD

Ultimate Snow HD Professional Sound Effects Library contains 300 of my best snow sounds recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz over a four year period during some of the most frigid and snow-packed North Idaho winters I have ever seen.

North Idaho gets its share of snow. Living here in the winter is fairly tough when we get huge quantities of snow but it ...

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Ultimate Rockslide HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Rockslide HD ProFiles: 500 • Zip Size: 751.5MB • Price: $75.00 USD

Ultimate Rockslide HD Professional Sound Effects Library from The Recordist contains 500 rockslides, boulders, shale, gravel and dirt debris sounds. Recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz over a period of 3 years in North Idaho quarries, gravel pits and my own back yard foley pit.

This diverse collection includes: massive rocks falling down cliffs, huge boulders dropped from a excavator, medium sized impacts and large scraping ...

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Ultimate Ice HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Ice HD ProFiles: 715 • Zip File Size: 1.03GB • Price: $75.00 US

Ultimate Ice HD Professional Sound Effects Library contains a whopping 715 cracks, impacts, scrapes, rubs, tension and icicle debris sounds. Recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz and over 4 freaking cold North Idaho winters in the making this new professional sound library will give you the chills.

Ice has tons of character depending on how cold the environment is. It can sound brittle, crunchy, ...

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Ultimate Concrete HD Pro SFX

Ultimate Concrete HD ProFiles: 662 • Zip Size: 556.7MB • Price: $75.00 USD

The Ultimate Concrete HD Professional Sound Effects Library contains an incredible 662 individual concrete blocks, bricks, ceramics, chimney lining tubes, cement footers, sidewalk slabs and various debris sounds. These concrete chunks were hit, dropped, scraped, smashed and generally mangled by my JD tractor and my trusty sledgehammer. Yes, I got quite a workout!

Meticulously recorded and mastered at 24-Bit 96kHz, over a year ...

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Extreme Rocks HD Pro

Extreme Rocks HD ProFiles: 88 • Zip Size: 143.9MB • Price: $30.00 US

Extreme Rocks HD Professional Sound Effects Library contains all new “designed” rock and boulder impacts, heavy rockslides, scrapes and movements. Included are massive rocks smashed, crushed, cracked and hit. Also included are small and medium size bricks and concrete blocks made into large massive debris crashes and impacts.

A few tweaks here and there and you can have the perfect “high impact” sound for ...

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Thunderstorm HD Pro SFX

Thunderstorm HD ProFiles: 90 • Zip File Size: 1.2GB • Price: $150.00 USD

Thunderstorm HD Professional Sound Effects Library from The Recordist is a comprehensive collection of professional grade High Definition thunder sound effects and dynamic audio design recorded and mastered at 24-bit 96kHz. The sounds in this astonishing collection were hand-picked from over 6 years of The Recordist’s expansive archive of thunder recordings.

This set contains 90 effects in a wide assortment of thunder categories ...

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