Prop Planes 2 HD Pro SFX

Prop Planes 2 HD ProFiles: 54 • Zip Size: 563.31MB, 588.2MB • Price: $35.00 USD

A whole year has passed since the 5th Annual Sandpoint fly in and on August 13, 2011 I made the short trip to the Sandpoint Airport and recorded the 6th Annual Fly In.

Included are 24-Bit 96K recordings presented on Broadcast WAV files with full Soundminer 4 Pro Metadata of a variety of small modern and vintage aircraft on the ground and ...

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Prop Planes 1 HD Pro SFX

Prop Planes 1 HD ProFiles: 30 • Zip Size: 607.3MB • Price: $25.00 USD

These airplanes are from a casual visit to 2010 The 6th annual Sandpoint Fly-In on a beautiful sunny day in North Idaho. A few minutes after arriving at the small town airport planes started pulling up and performing a quick engine run-up as they prepared for take off. Nobody bothered me as I was standing in the scorching sun with a Sanken CSS-5 ...

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Pigs HD Pro SFX

Pigs HD ProFiles: 41 (60+) • Zip Size: 103.6MB • Price: $30.00 US

Presenting Pigs HD Professional Sound Effects Library. Need some totally insane baby pig squeals and screeches? This collection has them along with growls and wacky vocalizations. Create awesome creature effects with this off-the-wall sound library. Also included are large pig grunts, snorts and breaths recorded on a muddy farm field. Original release date: October 26, 2010.

Updated: April 12,2013. Additional large pig sounds ...

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Flying Insects HD Pro SFX

Flying Insects HD ProFiles: 321 • Zip Size: 557MB • Price: $50.00 US

Flying Insects HD Professional Sound Effects Library contains wild and crazy performances from real live insects. Recorded over the course of four years, this “Bugs Gone Wild” collection is loaded with unique bug vocalizations and movements. There are enough wing buzzing and flying around in circles to make your head spin. Insects are really difficult to record. For one, they really do not ...

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