Thunderstorm HD Pro Bundle 1-2-3

Thunderstorm HD Pro BundleFiles: 263 • Download: 5.36GB • Price: $350.00 USD. Save $100.00!

The Thunderstorm HD Professional Sound Effects Library Bundle is massive collection of thunder and lightning sound effects from Thunderstorm 1 HD, Thunderstorm 2 HD and Thunderstorm 3 HD. Save $100.00 USD when purchased together as a bundle. $450.00 if purchased separately. This special one of a kind bundle of all three collections is the ULTIMATE in ...

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Thunderstorm 3 HD Pro SFX

Thunderstorm 3 HD Pro • Files: 118 • Download: 3.36GB • Price: $200.00

Presenting Thunderstorm III HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. The perfect storm is here! This sound effects library is a unprecedented audio love-fest of extremely close up dry lightning strikes and massive thunder claps only North Idaho can produce. With much help from the thunder gods over the last 3 1/2 years, this collection of mother nature’s power and fury is finally complete. The library contains 118 24-Bit 96kHz Broadcast WAV ...

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Thunderstorm 2 HD Pro SFX

Thunderstorm 2 HD ProFiles: 55 • Zip Size: 794.0MB • Price: $100.00 USD

At long last, it’s here! Presenting the sequel to Thunderstorm HD: Thunderstorm 2 HD Professional Sound Effects Library. Over two years and dozens of storms in the making, this 24-Bit 96kHz collection of thunder and lightning is just what you need to make any storm soundscape complete. Included among the 55 Broadcast WAV files are extremely close ...

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Thunderstorm HD Pro SFX

Thunderstorm HD ProFiles: 90 • Zip File Size: 1.2GB • Price: $150.00 USD

Thunderstorm HD Professional Sound Effects Library from The Recordist is a comprehensive collection of professional grade High Definition thunder sound effects and dynamic audio design recorded and mastered at 24-bit 96kHz. The sounds in this astonishing collection were hand-picked from over 6 years of The Recordist’s expansive archive of thunder recordings.

This set contains 90 effects in a wide assortment of thunder categories ...

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