Ultimate Bullet HD Pro

Ultimate Bullet HD Pro • Files: 191 (2331) • Download: 1.4GB • Price: $250.00

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Presenting the highly anticipated sequel to Bullets HD Professional Sound Effects Library: Ultimate Bullet HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. Over a year and a half in the making with thousands of rounds of ammunition shot, this one of a kind collection showcases higher caliber projectiles passing by inches from multiple sets of extended frequency response microphones.

Recorded in three unique ...

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Firearm Foley: Vintage Rifles

Firearm Foley: Vintage Rifles HD • Files: 116 (1300+) • Download: 238.8MB • Price: $50.00

Presenting Firearm Foley: Vintage Rifles HD Professional Sound Effects Collection. Polished, hardened steel and decades old wood stock give these rifles a distinct sound not heard with today’s rifles made of modern plastics and composite materials.

Recorded with a pair of Sennheiser microphones, one positioned to the side of the gun and the other at the front to a Sound Devices 702 recorder at 24 Bit / 96kHz. The ...

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GunTales HD Pro SFX

GunTales HD • Files: 156 (925+) • Download: 3.2GB • Price: $150.00

Presenting GunTales HD Professional Sound Effects Collection, a one of a kind collection of firearms recorded for the simple purpose of capturing the “report” or “reverb tail” from the guns. Included are small caliber handguns, two bolt action rifles (featuring the Barrett 50 BMG), a shotgun (with rifled slugs) and a AR-15 assault rifle. The first recording session took place on a wide open 400 acre ranch near the mountains and ...

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Firearm Foley HD Pro SFX

Firearm Foley HD Pro • Files: 284(4400+) • Zip Size: 530.3MB • Price: $75.00

Firearm Foley HD Professional Sound Effects Library is a massive collection of gun foley sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz over a five year period here in my North Idaho studio and in the field. Some of the weapons were recorded with two microphones and others with a single microphone. The multiple microphone tracks include a close up extended frequency response version and a medium distant perspective. Most of ...

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Machine Guns HD Pro

Machine Guns HD Pro • Files: 176(1800+) • Zip Size: 3.4GB • Price: $150.00 US

Presenting Machine Guns HD Professional Sound Effects Library. This 24-Bit / 96 kHz collection features four full automatic weapons recorded at a wide open 400 acre ranch in North Idaho. With a mountain ridge in front and open field behind, the guns generated a breathtaking echo while at the same time the “close up and personal” microphones capture the intense muzzle blast and mechanics of each weapon in ...

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Gunscapes HD Pro SFX

Gunscapes HD Pro • Files: 404(3000+) • Zip Size: 2.36GB • Price: $200.00 USD

Presenting Gunscapes HD Professional SFX Library. Large caliber rifles, shotguns, pistols, machine guns and assault rifles were recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz. As many of you might know I have been working on a gun sound effects library for the last 3 1/2 years. At this moment I feel there is enough material finalized and ready to let loose. This has been a massive undertaking and I am very happy with the results so far.

The ...

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Explosives HD Pro SFX

Explosives HD ProSFX: 700+ • Zip Size(s): 1.76GB • Price: $200.00 USD

Over course of 2012 I’ve recorded a whole bunch of Tannerite, White Lightning, Goliath, a black powder cannon, large caliber rifles and some other secret stuff I’m not at liberty to talk about or to have video of. The result of this massive undertaking is a one of a kind collection of things that make a loud noise when lit up or shot at and ...

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Bullets HD Pro SFX

Bullets HD Pro SFXSFX: 3500+ • Download: 2.6GB+ • Price: $200.00 USD

Presenting Bullets HD Professional Sound Effects Library. After nine long months and over thirty recording sessions it’s finally done! During the last week of October 2012 the remaining sounds for this comprehensive collection of bullet sound effects were recorded with a multi-microphone setup in the wilds of North Idaho. This final release adds the sounds of bullets being shot into an old Bronco SUV. ...

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Thompson Machine Gun HD Pro SFX

Thompson Machine Gun HD ProFiles: 100(550) • Zip Size: 300.9MB • Price: $50.00 US

Presenting The Thompson Machine Gun HD Professional Sound Effects Library, a multi-channel collection of 100 Broadcast WAV tracks recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz. The gun was recorded on two separate occasions. There was a session of shooting and foley and one extra interior foley session. The gun was recorded close up, medium and distant. The multiple channels gives you a broad selection ...

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M60 Machine Gun HD Pro SFX

M60 Machine Gun HDFiles: 129 • Zip Size: 1.5GB • Price: $75.00 US

Presenting The M60 Machine Gun HD Professional Sound Effects Library, a multi-channel collection of 129 Broadcast WAV tracks recorded at 24-Bit 192kHz and 24-Bit 96kHz. The M60 is a belt-fed machine gun that fires the 7.62 mm NATO cartridge (.308 winchester) commonly used in larger rifles. The M60 used for this collection is a M60E3: An updated, lightweight version adopted in the ...

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