Designing Sound Interview

Designing Sound has published an Interview with me. We talked about several things, including my career, the tools I use, creativity, gaming, sound effects recording and more. Check it out:

Frank Bry Special: Exclusive Interview

Designing Sound: Frank, please tell us how you started in sound design and describe the evolution of your career.

Frank Bry: My career in sound design has been an evolution, a progression, and a series of events that finally led to sound effects recording and design. My background began in music. For many years I was a bass player and along the way I learned to play the drums, keyboard, and guitar. I have always loved sounds and was aware of how they made me feel. After playing in many rock bands of all kinds, I found my interests progressing more towards the technical/recording side of things so I opened my own 8-track analog recording studio in Massachussetts. I built the studio myself from the ground up in an old barn and when I decided to sell it was a full blown 24-track recording studio. During this time I was writing and recording my own material as an aspiring songwriter. The ups and downs of the music industry forced me to expand my business to include live sound. In 1989 I decided it was time to shake things up and head west. (More)

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