FARTS! Sound Effects Library

Farts! • Files: 302 • Zip Size: 97.5MB • Price: $50.00

Got Gas? Presenting the FARTS! Sound Effects Collection. A very good friend (NO IT”S NOT ME, I swear under oath!) sent me his fart sound effects library consisting of over 200 of the most insanely hilarious Gastro Intestinal air movements I have ever heard in my life. The file names alone are just as funny as the sounds. I’m releasing this collection as a favor to him and want to make sure his identity remains a secret until he has the courage to come forward and claim responsibility for his actions.

Delivered as 24-Bit 48kHz Broadcast WAV files with crazy Soundminer and BWAV embedded file names. While listening to the sounds make sure you read (not smell) the file names. My twisted friend has quite the imagination and is well schooled in comedic fart sound effects presentation.

Prepare yourself for some crazy laughter. Just auditioning a few of the sounds had me on the floor in stitches. This friend shall remain nameless and just to be clear: I did not record or generate any of these sounds. I’m just helping out a friend until he can get his web shop up and running. Just sayin’ -Frank

Update: April 21, 2014: 89 new sounds added!


Camel Tooten – Clogged Pore – De-burring Tool – Croatian Butt Carol – Deliberate Duck Fart
Flashbulb Meltdown – French Horn Lip Issues – Hello Kitty Fart – Heinous Anus
Femme Fartage – Left Cheek Sneak – Grandpa’s Thunder – Model Airplane
Owl After Satisfying Meal – Foot on Duck’s Neck – Mallard Soliloquy – Wikispeaks
Wocka Wock

New files:

Human, Fart: 1hz Alignment Tone
Human, Fart: 7 Come 11
Human, Fart: A Rose By Any Other Name
Human, Fart: A Toy Fart
Human, Fart: Anus n Andy
Human, Fart: Asspiring Opera Star
Human, Fart: Aunt Bees Breeze
Human, Fart: Backdoor Q and A
Human, Fart: Baked Cheese It
Human, Fart: Blew Danube
Human, Fart: Bologna Sandwich Realization
Human, Fart: Bra-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha Yes-sir!
Human, Fart: Brief Microburst
Human, Fart: Butt Network Logo
Human, Fart: Call My Name
Human, Fart: Careless Whisper
Human, Fart: Chapped Taint
Human, Fart: Cheeky
Human, Fart: Chute Toot
Human, Fart: Clydes Noticable Release
Human, Fart: Couch Yodeling
Human, Fart: Cow Pie Plop
Human, Fart: Cozy Cuddle Fart
Human, Fart: Crappy Taps
Human, Fart: Crep Suzette
Human, Fart: Crispy Lil Devil
Human, Fart: Darling You Send Me
Human, Fart: Deep Breath Then Anger
Human, Fart: Descending Overtones
Human, Fart: Digeridoo Show Tune
Human, Fart: Dont Cry
Human, Fart: Dont You Love Farce
Human, Fart: Dutch Oven Mitt
Human, Fart: Early Nordic Fanfare
Human, Fart: Elsie Bordens Burden
Human, Fart: Embouchure
Human, Fart: Emilys Unpleasant Eruption
Human, Fart: Exotic Amazon Fart
Human, Fart: Finished With Filigree
Human, Fart: Flipper Requesting Simethicone
Human, Fart: Gliss de la Glut
Human, Fart: Industrial Then Cute
Human, Fart: Injurious Roofing Tool
Human, Fart: Innu Fart Shaman

Human, Fart: Inquisitive
Human, Fart: Insect and Flyswatter
Human, Fart: Itch
Human, Fart: James Brown-Noise
Human, Fart: Jimmys Chainsaw
Human, Fart: Juicy Fruit of the Looms
Human, Fart: Juicy Toot
Human, Fart: Kraut n Brat
Human, Fart: Large Cane Toad
Human, Fart: Lets Spray Some Mud Huh
Human, Fart: Litmus
Human, Fart: Lord Windesmears Report
Human, Fart: Model Hydroplane
Human, Fart: Nordic Folk Dance
Human, Fart: NRAnal
Human, Fart: One Of Those Fart Machines
Human, Fart: PAWS Commercial
Human, Fart: Plop – Fizz
Human, Fart: Plumbers Worst Nightmare
Human, Fart: Poot 5th Octave
Human, Fart: Pressed Hornet Under Glass
Human, Fart: Procto-Octave
Human, Fart: Psyllium Surprise
Human, Fart: Ralphs Root Canal
Human, Fart: Rassberry
Human, Fart: Rectal Riot Act
Human, Fart: Ricardos Bean Infection
Human, Fart: Rip n Pucker
Human, Fart: Sea Turtle after Lunch
Human, Fart: Sigmoid Freud
Human, Fart: Sleeping Bag Zipper
Human, Fart: Squirrels Release
Human, Fart: Table Tennis
Human, Fart: Telemarketers Sales Pitch
Human, Fart: Testy Rodent
Human, Fart: This Too Shall Pass
Human, Fart: Tight Trouser Trilogy
Human, Fart: TiS My Taint Talkin
Human, Fart: Toot Uncommon
Human, Fart: Trombon-y
Human, Fart: Valkyrian Viffy
Human, Fart: Vlads Borscht Blast
Human, Fart: Well Blow My Nose!
Human, Fart: Winky
Human, Fart: Wood Duck Glissando

Equipment Used:

Methane gas recording device and protector – Gas mask


Farts! • Files: 302 • Zip Size: 97.5MB • Price: $50.00
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