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This is the official page for Gunscapes HD Pro SFX news, gossip and super critical updates. When news is made concerning the library I will post it here with or without spelling and grammatical errors. (It all depends on how much of a rush I’m in) You can also post questions, comments and suggestions about the library. This library is also fielding requests. If you have the need for a certain type of gun sound, let me know and I will do my best to get it recorded and added to the library. When there is new content ready to go, a product update email will be sent to all purchasers and all that has to be done is download the new .zip file, decompress and add the new audio files to your Gunscapes HD Pro library directory

Date: February 20, 2013

Gunscapes HD Video Diary Volume-1
Presenting the first in a series of videos demonstrating the sound from the various microphones used in the recording of Gunscapes HD Pro Sound Effects Library. The sounds showcased in this installment are from a Bushmaster M4 semi and fully automatic, a M60E3 machine gun, A Remington 700 rifle with Weatherby 300 rounds and a Barrett 98B sniper rifle. Recorded at various locations over the last few years.

These sounds are available now.. Stay tuned for future video diaries on the making of this massive collection of gun sound effects.

Date: February 14, 2013
More BANG FOR YOUR BUCK! Gunscapes HD Professional SFX Library Stage 2 Zip 4 Added: Suppressed Weapons. The product update email has been sent and delivered. Anyone who has purchased and any future purchases get the free update. Enjoy! -Frank

Here are the guns included in the update:

Gunscapes HD Pro Stage 2 guns

Stage 2 Sound File List PDF

Date: February 13, 2013

I have received a few questions as to what exactly is in the current library (Stage 1) and what will be added to the library. There are many more recording sessions scheduled over the next few months. I will be adding some suppressed weapons to the collection very soon. Most of the suppressed weapons are recorded and edited and It’s just a matter of getting a few more sessions completed.

Below is a list of the gun sound effects currently available in the collection.

Stage 1:
Assault Rifles
Rock River Arms LAR15 .223 Assault Rifle
Bushmaster M4 .223 Semi-Auto

Barrett 98B .338 Lapua Sniper Rifle
Custom Mauser Rifle
Remington 700 Rifle w/Weatherby .300 Rounds
PTR-91 Tactical Rifle

Machine Guns
M60E3 Machine Gun
Bushmaster M4 .223 Full Auto

Mossberg 590A1 Shotgun
Remington 870 Shotgun
Stevens 940E Shotgun

Handguns / Pistols
Glock 17 9mm Pistol
Glock 19 9mm Pistol
Taurus PT145 .45 Pistol
Smith & Wesson .357 Magnum Revolver
Gemtech suppressors

Planned or completed for Stage 2:

  • Smith & Wesson MP40 .40 caliber handgun
  • Smith & Wesson MP40 .40 caliber suppressed
  • Glock 22 .40 cal.Pistol suppressed
  • Rock River Arms LAR15 .223 suppressed
  • Winchester 43 bolt-action rifle
  • Winchester 1892 bolt-action rifle
  • Remington 514 bolt-action rifle
  • Ruger M77 bolt-action rifle
  • Heckler & Koch MP5 (still up in the air)
  • Savage .22 Bolt Action Rifle suppressed

What The Future Holds:
One of the great aspects of living here in North Idaho is that I can record the sound of guns almost anytime I want. Whether it’s out in my own field or on a mountaintop, I will be recording. So, as more guns are recorded, they will be added free of charge. As to what these guns will be, I’m not sure. Sometimes I never know what or when I will be recording gun sounds but I’m sure I will be recording something. I will keep you posted. -Frank

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