Motorz ElektriX HD Pro SFX

Motorz ElektriX HD • Files: (150) 500+ • Zip(s) Size: 2.1GB • Price: $75.00 USD

Prepare yourself for a six year journey through the mind of the motor. Presenting Motorz ElektriX HD Professional Sound Effects Library. Included are more than 500 individual sounds recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz and presented on 150 Broadcast WAV files with detailed Metadata.

It all began back in early 2007 as I was working on the Supreme Commander video game franchise. I needed fresh new source material for hundreds of completely insane robots fighting for control in the universe. My goal was to record all kinds of electric motors and perform the actions in a unique way. From the smallest spider robot to the massive Naval and aircraft factories, I needed to make sure I had enough varied source to complete my mission. I carried a portable recorder with me everywhere I went to capture any motor I encountered. I also set up specific sessions when required to complete the project.

Over time, this collection grew and before I knew it I had a fairly extensive library of electric motors. Here are the results of many years of recording and editing. There are large, medium and very small motors from many different types of gadgets recorded close up and personal for a SCIFI edge. I disassembled many of the gadgets to get the sound of the motor only, not just from the enclosure they were in. Some of the motors were recorded for the ambience they generate and make nice drone source. The sounds are 100% organic with no additional processing to give you clean, high quality material to work with. When these motors are pitched, modulated, mangled and time stretched they can produce thousands of variations. Also included are fluorescent lights switching on and off. Even though they are not motors they have a “motor like” quality I wanted to include.

I hope you enjoy using this collection as much as I enjoyed creating it. A “passion project” from The Recordist.

Equipment Used:

Sound Devices 702 – Sennheiser MKH-8040ST – Sennheiser MKH-8040 – Sennheiser MKH-8060 – Sanken CSS-5 – Sennheiser MKH-416 – – Sony PCMD1 – Sony D50

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Motorz ElektriX HD • Files: (150) 500+ • Zip(s) Size: 2.1GB • Price: $75.00 USD
This collection is split up into 2 zip files.
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Coffee Robot • Fax Machines • Laserdisc Player • Video 8 Tape Deck • Car Seats • Sun Roof
Drills • Electric Toothbrush • Electric Shaver • Airport Towel Dispenser • Circular Saw • Scanner
Hydraulic Lifts • Jigsaw • Squeaky Belts • Old Mac Computers • Hard Drives • Washing Machine
Ceiling Fan • Desk Fan • Garage Vents • Metal Grinder • Paper Shredder • Hydraulic Pump
Refrigeration Units • Motor Ambience • Analog Camera • Air Conditioner


A limited selection of photos (most of the sounds were recorded before I started seriously taking pictures)
Motorz ElektriX HD PRO :: Recording Motors Motorz ElektriX HD PRO :: Recording Motors Motorz ElektriX HD PRO :: Recording MotorsMotorz ElektriX HD PRO :: Recording Motors Motorz ElektriX HD PRO :: Recording Motors Motorz ElektriX HD PRO :: Recording Motors Motorz ElektriX HD PRO :: Recording Motors


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