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Audio For Video Games

Some sound effects created for various video games over the years:

The older wav versions are 16 bit/22K mono wav files. Newer wav files are 16/44.1k. To download a sound file, click on a link of your choosing and your default application for playing sound files will launch. PC users can also right click and "Save Target As" to download the file to their hard disk.

Please note: The sound effects here are for demonstration purposes only. Commercial use is not allowed.

Game Sound Effects (2008)
Alien Cyborg Roar MP3
Alien Data Whoosh MP3
Alien Growl MP3
Alien Growl Melee MP3
Alien Steps Squishy MP3
Crash Robot Debris MP3
Servo Robotic Small MP3
Futuristic Scanner On MP3
Sword Metal Swing Hit MP3
Hand Grenade Launch MP3
Laser Gun Cannon MP3
Laser Pulse Weapon MP3

Game Sound Effects (2006)
16-Bit wav
Large Missile Shoot 825KB
Small Missile Shoot 373KB
Pulse Laser Shot 70KB
SCIFI Personnel Carrier Vehicle 1.13MB
SCIFI Space Jet Fly 1.11MB
SCIFI Gigantic Mothership Moving 1.39MB

Game Sound Effects (2005)
16-Bit wav
Archer shoots arrow and kill s soldier 656KB
Arrow impact bloody 234KB
Dungeon door smash and crash to the ground 1.02MB
Doctor Evil raging roar 463KB
Dragon roar, large 414KB
Dragon roar, large wing flaps 954KB
Earth crack and rumble, fizzure split open 1.90MB
Energy explosion 1.58KB
Giant Bug attack 116KB
Giant Bug die 163KB
Giant Bug roar 166KB
Giant Snake attack 483KB
Giant Snake painful roar 281KB
Giant Snake roaring, rattling 1 383KB
Giant Snake roaring, rattling 2 433KB
Large Hairy Monster die 184KB
Large Hairy Monster painful roar 104KB
Large Hairy Monster roaring 463KB
Large ice crack 746KB
Large laser beam firing 720KB
Lightning stike, thunder 1.28MB
Decay to dust magic spell effect 1.40MB
Tree Monster die roar 334KB
Tree Monster pain roar 170KB

Game Sound Effects (2002)
160k mp3
Activate Teleport Device 75KB
Giant Fan Activate 110KB
Hatch Locking Mechanism 31KB
Rocket Launcher 62KB
Missile Launch #1 65KB
Missile Launch #2 55KB
Missile Firing #1 62KB
Missile Firing #2 48KB
Missile Firing Gas 53KB
Laser Beam 154KB
Shock Rifle Shoot 25KB
Plasma Gun Shoot 32KB
Flak Gun Shoot 33KB
Goo Rifle Charge 77KB
Gun Change Out, New Weapon Sound #1 35KB
Gun Change Out, New Weapon Sound #2 34KB
Gun Change Out, New Weapon Sound #3 28KB
Gun Change Out, New Weapon Sound #4 17KB
Gun Charging 127KB
Enormous Explosion 34KB
Ice Explosion 75KB
Shell Fly In, Explosion 132KB
Iceman Hit 33KB
Monster Freeze 84KB
Alien Squeal #1 18KB
Alien Squeal #2 31KB
Dragon Roar #1 60KB
Dragon Roar #2 43KB
Dragon Roar #3 58KB

Game Sound Effects (1997-2001)
Cannon Blast 78KB
Large Explosion 49KB
Laser Gun Shoot 26KB
Robot Activate 18KB
Robot Explode 142KB
Robot Smashed 31KB
Robot Walk 30KB
VTOL Flying 191KB
Rocket Launcher 63KB
Motorized Door 118KB
Stone Door Slide 123KB
Shotgun Firing 1 48KB (wav)
Shotgun Firing 2 58KB (wav)
Pump Action 20KB (wav)
Pistol Firing 1 51KB (wav)
Pistol Firing 2 53KB (wav)
Gun Shoot, Hit Metal, Pump Action Composite 55KB (wav)
Shell Drop 65KB (wav)
Creature Roar 1 75KB (wav)
Creature Roar 2 61KB (wav)
Creature Scream 1 90KB (wav)
Creature Scream 2 97KB (wav)
Creature Snarl 1 56KB (wav)
Creature Snarl 2 57KB (wav)
Creature Hit 46KB (wav)
Rock Beast Hit 37KB (wav)
Rock Beast Die 107KB (wav)
Beast Hit With Blood Splat 65KB (wav)

Note: The sound effects here are for demonstration purposes only. Commercial use is not allowed.


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This work is made available for demonstration only. Contact The Recordist for details.