Prop Planes 2 HD Pro SFX

Prop Planes 2 HD ProFiles: 35 • Zip Size: 563.31MB • Price: $35.00 USD

A whole year has passed since the 5th Annual Sandpoint fly in and on August 13, 2011 I made the short trip to the Sandpoint Airport and recorded the 6th Annual Fly In.

Included are 24-Bit 96K recordings presented on Broadcast WAV files with full Soundminer 4 Pro Metadata of a variety of small modern and vintage aircraft on the ground and in ripping through air. Included are high speed passes, take offs, landings and ground taxi bys.

There is also a J5 Wright powered 1928 Stearman C3B starting its engine and taxiing down the tarmac that I was fortunate enough to get at the end of the show. The owner wanted the sound for his cell phone ring tone. I recorded the graceful aircraft as it was departing and flying by.

Equipment Used:

Sound Devices SD-702 – Sanken CSS-5 in Narrow Stereo Mode

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Prop Planes 2 HD ProFiles: 35 • Zip Size: 563.31MB • Price: $35.00 USD

Partial sound description list – this Sound File List PDF link has the complete list.

  • Prop Plane: Ext: Biplane Navy N3N3 Take Off
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Biplane Stearman Engine Start Throttle Up Steady
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Biplane Stearman Pass By
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Single Engine Ground Taxi By
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Single Engine Pass By Fast
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Single Engine Pass By Landing, With Tire Chirp, Cessna
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Single Engine Pass By Take Off
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Single Engine Pass By Take Off Seaplane
  • Prop Plane: Ext: Single Engine Start Motors Seaplane Taxi Away

Prop Planes 1 HD Pro SFX Library released in 2010 is here
These airplane sound effects are from a casual visit to 2010 The 6th annual Sandpoint Fly-In on a beautiful sunny day in North Idaho.
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PPBD01 Prop Planes HD BundleFiles: 65 • Zips: 563.3MB, 607.3MB • Price: $50.00 USD



PROP02: Prop Planes 2 HD :: Wandering PROP02: Prop Planes 2 HD :: Wandering PROP02: Prop Planes 2 HD :: 1928 Stearman PROP02: Prop Planes 2 HD :: 1928 Stearman roll out PROP02: Prop Planes 2 HD :: 1941 Naval Aircraft Factory N3N-3 PROP02: Prop Planes 2 HD :: The audio and video rig
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