Quarterly Newsletter 2012 Q1

Therecordist Quarterly Newsletter

Introducing The Recordist Newsletter. Every three months I will update you on the many projects and upcoming sound effects library products as well as other stupid crazy stories from the ranch here in North Idaho. Read on….

2011 Recap:

Thanks to you and your support, 2011 was an amazing year for me and TheRecordist.com. I released over 25 new HD sound collections, experienced things I never had experienced before and got to know some incredible sound designers. One of the most memorable moments was flying over my ranch while recording a small airplane with my wife who had never been in a small airplane before. The look and excitement on her face was a once in a lifetime gift. Another was standing next to a M60 machine gun and feeling the brute force of that gun. And last but not least I was able to get close up and personal with a fireworks show in town. I was able to place myself and the microphones right under the display. At GDC in early 2011 I was able to finally meet (and drink) with many associates from my video game work, customers who purchased my sound effects and a few of the other wonderful boutique sound effects library providers. It was a pleasure hanging out and talking about sound, games and life in general.

There were also so many other crazy things I recorded and blogged about which you can read about on the website.

Recent News:

North Country Trains HD Professional Sound Effects Library was released on January 3rd. This collection contains 117 High Definition diesel train beasts from the wilds of North Idaho. Recorded at 24Bit 96kHz at various locations in the pristine panhandle of Idaho. Included in this collection are pass bys with and without horns, cranky rail car movements, under bridge perspectives, slack take up metal impacts, screeching wheels, locomotive engines, horn blasts and much more. Feel free to watch the videos from the making of the collection.

Ultimate Snow 2 Released This is a reissue of Snowfall HD and Snowballs HD Ultra together in one Ultimate collection with a few new sounds included. Recorded over the 2010-2011 winter season here in beautiful North Idaho, this 24-bit 96kHz collection contains 94 multi-take Broadcast WAV files totaling 425 individual snow sounds.

If you previously purchased both of these collections separately you can request a new download link anytime. Besides a few new sounds (on one track) added the only other major change I made was I organized the single Snowfall HD files into multi-sound WAV files to be consistant with Snowballs HD Ultra. If you purchased either of these collections and want to get the complete set contact me about upgrade options.

What’s coming in 2012:

I have been working on a few Ultimate sequels and soon they will be unleashed. First up is Ultimate Rockslide 2. 750 brand new recordings of rocks and dirt. Recorded mainly with a Sennheiser MKH-8040ST for extended frequency response. Other gear used was my MKH-416 and PCM-D1. I previously announced Ultimate Dirt but found that it was better suited to be included with this new collection. Look for this new Ultimate collection to hit the streets around January 17th.

Next in the queue is Ultimate Ice 2. Recorded mainly with a Sennheiser MKH-8040ST or a single MKH-8040 this new collection of ice sound effects will include all new recordings of some big ice!

There are a few other massive collections in the works that I will be updating you about in future newsletters and rest assured they will be very cool.

I have many smaller, focused HD collections in the works for this year that will contain various unique and hard to get sounds that I have been collecting over the years. Just like the other smaller HD collections on the website these will contain some planned session sounds and many spontaneous recordings that if I knew now what they are going to be I still would not tell you. Do you like surprises?


Thanks again for your incredible support of my work. I will always strive to bring you the highest quality sound effects from the wilds of North Idaho and beyond.

-Frank Bry, The Recordist

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