Recording a Mossberg 590 Shotgun

Mossberg 590 Shotgun

Yesterday I went out at bought myself a new shotgun. I love my other Remington shotgun but I was feeling I needed to spice things up a bit and get something new. So I picked up a brand new black Mossberg 590 with the thicker barrel (the mechanical actions sounded better to me and it can handle larger pellets).

Today I took a break from the usual sound editing routine and recorded a few shots with my Sanken CSS-5 (narrow stereo mode) and my SD 702. I recorded at 192kHz and tried 2 perpectives so I could find out how this gun sounded. After some quick tweaking and mastering here are the results from the first session with the Mossberg. Notice the last 2 takes have a “chirp” to them. I think this is the pellets whizzing by as I was aiming right over the top of the CSS-5 about 20 feet away.



Gun Mossberg 590 Shotgun by therecordist

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