Soundbites – Quarterly Newsletter, Fall 2012

Welcome to the Soundbites Newsletter for the Fall of 2012. It has been one crazy, busy year up here in wilds of North Idaho and there is so much more to come. Here is an update on current projects and some info on new and upcoming releases.

Bullets HD Pro Update
The library is currently at Beta 3 which was released on September 20, 2012. I have arranged to get a old Ford Bronco SUV to shoot up and will use many types of guns to do it. This session was planned for last month but some issues came up with the shooter schedule and a few other things that have delayed the shoot. My plan is to record later this month with the final library material to be released in November. The remaining foley had been recorded and mastered along with some new material that is designed from many sources. I have been asked about certain types of bullet impacts that are not in the current library and all I can tell you now is Bullets HD Pro is the first in what is planned to be a series of bullet libraries. The planned sequels will include all new sounds from all new categories. Stay tuned!

Explosives HD Pro Update
The response to this library has been incredible and I am so thankful for all the support during the creation of this collection. Summer here in North Idaho can be very dry and this summer was a prime example. Not a drop of rain fell for almost two months. Needless to say, when the fire danger is this high recording explosions in the wild is not a good idea. Relief is on the way very soon as October brings much needed rain and colder weather which will enable recording to resume for this library. I have many sessions planned in many locations and as soon as it is safe to record I will be back at it full throttle. The final release will most likely be in early 2013 but rest assured there will be Beta releases before then with the new material as it is recorded. I also look forward to recording explosions in the snow as it completely changes the atmosphere around here and should offer some unique sounding booms.

The Future?
Some of the sound collections in the production and mastering stages are: North Country Water HD Pro (very wet!), Autumn Wind HD Pro (very gusty!) and a massive gun collection currently titled “Firearms HD Pro” (very loud!).

The SoundVault
Presenting the SoundVault series from The Recordist. These sound effects collections are from over 23 years of recording mayhem. The source material is from original 16-Bit 48kHz DAT and up to 24-Bit 96kHz recordings. Mastered and delivered at 24-Bit 48kHz, these highly focused libraries contain rare and sometimes very difficult to obtain categories including ambiences, airplanes, vehicles, nature, foley and more.

The first SoundVault release is Jet Airliner Interior. This collection contains sounds from inside four airplanes during flight. Most were recorded in the mid 1990s when flights were many and people were few (those were the days!). Three of the interiors were recorded with the Sonic Studios DSM head worn microphones to a PDR-1000 DAT machine at 16-Bit 48kHz. The fourth was recorded in 2009 on a PCM D-50. All the sounds were edited and mastered at 24-Bit 48kHz.

The aircraft recorded are: Boeing 737, Boeing 757, Mcdonnell Douglas DC-10 and a Mcdonnell Douglas MD-80. I was lucky enough to be on flights with very few travelers so the voice activity is minimal. There are sections that contain voices from the pilots, flight attendants and passengers.

For more information and to purchase go here:

Thank you so much for all of your support and very kind words. As always, please send your comments, thoughts and suggestions for any sounds or collections that you would like to see The Recordist produce. Again, thanks so much! Namaste. -Frank

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