Recording Gun Powder Flame Bursts Part-2

Here is the second video from recording the sound of black powder. The audio track in this video is from a MKH-8040ST. Other microphones I used during the sessions were a MKH-416 and a Sanken CSS-5.

Recorded over a 2 week period, I was experimenting with a few different types of black powder to see what sounds it would make separately and combined. As you can hear in this demonstration the smokeless kind produces a nice fat flame rumble while the ...

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Recording Gun Powder Flame Bursts

Recently I have been experimenting with recording different type of gun powder to see which is the most effective at certain things. Some of those things are flare up speed, loudness, sizzle and volatility. So far I have tried three different types and those include synthetic, natural, and smokeless. These three types make a different sound and visual effect. The synthetic burns really fast and bright, the natural has a nice sizzle and of course makes a lot of smoke ...

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Ultimate Fire SFX Trailer Video

Ultimate Fire Sound Effects Library: December 15, 2010. Wanna play with fire?

Ultimate Fire Sound Effects Library

Ultimate Fire Sound Effects Library The Ultimate Fire Sound Effects Library contains 583 scorching hot royalty free fire sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz and 192kHz. Bursts, whooshes, torches, flamethrowers, candles, matches, forest fires, burning brush, bushes, chemicals, camp stoves ...
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Ultimate Fire SFX Teaser

Here is my teaser video for my next Ultimate SFX library. This video was really a gas to make (No pun intended). I re-lived all those scorching hot moments standing within 4 feet of large fire bursts, massive slash piles burning and white hot embers while trying not to melt my microphone. Sometimes I smelled the smoke as I was editing the audio and video. Very strange brain tricks happening. Ahhh, I really love the smell of kerosene also! Not.

This ...

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Recording Large Fire Bursts 11-6-2010

This is the second installment for a series of blog posts following my recording of a new library I am releasing soon called Ultimate Fire. Last week I posted pictures and video of recording a traditional torch. This week shows me dumping various flammable liquids on a bed of coals that had burned quietly overnight.

I’ve been recording fire for this collection since 2007. So far I’ve recorded 10 gigabytes of raw material for this collection. I started out with small ...

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Fire Torch Recording 11-14-2010

For what I hope is the final session for Ultimate Fire SFX I recorded some old fashioned torches. I had a minor goofball moment when the top of the first torch flew off and hit the side of the garage. All is well and I got some fantastic flame whooshes.

To contruct these torches I gathered together a broom stick shaft, rake handle, old towels, wire and kerosene. I made 3 sizes: small, medium and large. I ...

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Fire Recording 11-07-2010

Since I could not attend the AES show this year I had nothing to do over the weekend. Really? Nah. I decided the weather was just right to get some fire recording done. I will have a more in depth blog post in December but here is what is in the audio clip:

1. Stove oil and gasoline bursts
2. Bottles of liquid fuel tossed on hot coals (one burst a hole and squirted fire all over)
3. Propane torch ignited ...

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Fire Burst Recording 2009

Recording another wood slash pile fire in my yard in October, 2009

I recorded this slash fire at 24Bit / 96kHz with a Sound Devices 702 High-Resolution Audio Recorder and a Audio-Technica AT-835ST stereo shotgun microphone. As the fire settled down I threw campfire oil and gasoline on the hot coals and recorded the fire burst. Check out the sounds below.

Fire Recording 2009 1

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Fire Recording Feb 2010

Living Dangerously!

Back in February 2010 I gathered all my camp stove oil, gasoline and diesel and decided it was time to burn a brush pile that had built up over the last 3 years. It was quite large and somewhat wet underneath so LOTS of fuel was needed. I grabbed my SD-702 / AT-835ST /Sony PCM-D1 and started to burn!

Fire Recording 2010

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