The Adventure of a Leaftime

You Are Recording What?

I’ve been asked a few times, “You’re recording leaves? Why?” My short answer was because they are there. The long answer is because I’ve always needed some leaf-type sounds in my video game work. Whether it was for a fantasy forest ambient track sweetener, a tree monster, or a spaceship roaring low over trees, leaves come in very handy. So now the question is: What do I record and where do I record it? In this ...

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Recording Ultimate Foliage Part 1: The Tree Monster

Recording the cutting and various actions of a maple tree. The tree was mostly dead within the main trunk. The were some thick, dry branches that I thought would make some great TREE MONSTER sound source material. I was able to get some nice heavy wood branch impacts, rustling and swishes. This was just a small portion of the many recording sessions for this new sound effects library. More to come.


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Chasing Leaves and Video Camera Crash

Ultimate Foliage SFX Leaf Chasing

This is a video of me chasing leaves around the ranch for Ultimate Foliage SFX Library. As you can tell they are hard little buggers to catch. When they do move they are very unpredictable.

Foliage Recording Video Cam Mishap

While recording a branch swish over my Sennheiser MKH-8040ST microphone setup for ULTIMATE FOLIAGE SFX LIBRARY things got slightly out of control. I thought the Flip HD video camera was far enough away ...

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