The Making Of Ultimate Mud SFX Library

Ultimate Mud

Sonic Terrain has published an article I wrote on the making of Ultimate Mud SFX Library.

Making of The Recordist’s Ultimate Mud SFX Library

Recording the Ultimate Mud SFX Library was quite an experience. I’ve always wanted my own mud splat or “Giblet” library. The term Giblet comes from working on fantasy type video games where monsters get slayed by the player and they explode into a bunch of pieces. ...

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Ultimate Mud SFX Library Preview

Ultimate Mud
Here are some pics and audio clips from my Ultimate Mud SFX Library.

This one of a kind collection contains 464 slimy and wet mud sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz.

Includes: splats, splashes, drips, pours, bubbles, gurgles, movements, impacts, spooges, suction and much more.

I recorded dumping mud from my tractor, a large pail, and shovel. I also used the rubber boots to walk around and get myself stuck ...

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Ultimate Mud SFX Library Recording

As I am making the Ultimate Mud SFX Library I’m always trying to come up with new ways to create unique mud sounds. So far I’ve used my feet, shovels, my hands, buckets and logs. I decided one day last week to go bigger and better (hopefully) so it was time to get the JD tractor going and see if I could dump some mud.

It had just rained heavily for 3 days straight and my mud bog had filled back ...

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