Saw Mill Recording – November 28, 2011

Back in November 2011 I had to opportunity to record my neighbors saw mill. I was doing something outside and I heard the mill off in the distance, it was really quiet that day for some reason. The mill is on top of the mountain behind my ranch and I always wanted to get some recordings so I called him up and asked if it would be alright to come on up and record. I don’t know how he heard ...

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Ultimate High Speed SFX Episode 1

Episode 1 of Ultimate Sound Effect Library recording from the last 3 years. Over 20 minutes of field recording video sped up 500% to 4 1/2 minutes. This episode shows un-cut footage from my many recording sessions of wood, rocks and concrete. I mostly record alone so running around during the session is normal. I’m not amped on caffeine, well maybe I was during some of the sessions.

You had to be there for the normal run-time experience. Time waits for ...

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Ultimate Wood SFX Trailer Video

Ultimate Wood Sound Effects LibraryPresenting the trailer video for Ultimate Wood Sound Effects Library. This massive collection of 500 wood based sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz includes: gigantic trees falling, tree bark cracks, sheets of plywood ripped apart, heavy beams dropped, logs rolling down hills, wood panel cracks and tiny branch snaps just to name a few.

This library was started in the summer of 2007 and invloved ...

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Heavy Log Drop Recording 9-5-2010

Since I had way more important things to do this Sunday morning I decided to set up the rig and record some large logs being dropped. These logs were on the lower part of the property and I have to eventually move them up closer to the barn so I can cut them to length, split and stack them in the shed. But, before that could happen they needed to be recorded, I only want to move them once.

I set ...

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Wood SFX Recording 08-29-10

For a few years now I have been slowly building up a collection of wood based sound effects. I have recorded almost everything I could from gigantic trees falling and rotten stump rips to small branches breaking.

Earlier this year I found a busted up tree fort some kids must have built many years ago in the woods behind my house. A nearby dead tree had fallen right through the structure and split it in half and left all the ...

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