Tree Monster Combo

Tree Monster Combo HD • Files: 1250 • Zip Sizes: 2.87GB • Price: $125.00 Save $25.00

The Tree Monster HD Combo is a huge collection of wood and leaf based sound effects from the Ultimate Wood and Ultimate Foliage collections. If you are looking to design the sound of a tree monster or just crazy forest sounds in general, than this is the combo set for you.

This collection has everything you need to construct a massive stump creature including high quality source such as swishes, impacts, thumps, cracks, crumbles, scrapes, branches, leaf movement and so much more. All the files from both collections are included at a special price. Save $25.00 when purchased together, or a limited time only.

Ultimate Wood is massive collection of 500 24-Bit 96kHz Broadcast wav wood based sound effects includes: gigantic trees falling, tree bark cracks, sheets of plywood ripped apart, heavy beams dropped, logs rolling down hills, wood panel cracks and tiny branch snaps just to name a few.

This library was started in the summer of 2007 and involved recording all kinds of wood. The sessions were many and exhausting. I ventured out into the forest and recorded all sorts of wood stumps, trees, branches and twigs. Wood was rolled, cracked, snapped, dropped, thrown, dragged and hit for a wide selection of natural forest sound elements.

Other sounds include: the walls of a house being ripped apart and hit with a crowbar, A cargo box moved and shaken and a bookcase stressed and warped.

I also recorded all kinds of lumber and large cut logs in my backyard foley pit. Multiple microphones were used on many occassions to capture the dynamic quality of the wood source and they are included as seperate stereo files. Mix and process these wood sounds to your hearts content. Never before has a collection of wood sound effects been available like this.

Ultimate Foliage from The Recordist is a one of a kind collection of High Definition foliage sound effects recorded and mastered at 24-Bit 96k. Included in the 196 tracks are over 750 unique leaf, bush, grass and tree branch sounds ranging from the soft subtle rustling of leaves to hard hitting tree limbs. A sound effects collection like no other.

Not just leaves were recorded. There is fruit falling from trees, branches thrown into the forest, hard wood breaks, swishes, rake hits, slithering on dry leaves and so much more.

This library was designed in part to give the sound designer a multitude of foliage textures that can be layered into any stereo or 5.1 natural outdoor soundscape. Also included are many diverse leaf swishes, impacts and rustling from many plant sources including bushes, cattails, ferns, maple tree limbs, hops, fruit trees, grass and more.

If you don’t have either of these sound libraries, now is the time to snap them up!

Equipment Used:

Sound Devices 702 – Fostex FR-2 – Sennheiser MKH-8040ST – Sanken CSS-5 – Sennheiser MKH-416 – Audio Technica AT-835ST – Sony PCM-D1 – Sony D-50 – John Deere 4110 Tractor – A few pairs of work gloves

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Tree Monster ComboFiles: 1250 • Zip Size: 2.87GB • Price: $125.00 US
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Ultimate Wood sound description list – this Sound File List PDF link has the complete list:

  • Trees falling, uprooted and shredded
  • Branch breaks and snaps
  • Branch movements and impacts
  • Tree leaves rustling
  • Large log collapses and impacts
  • Stumps rolled down hills
  • Stumps dropped and hit
  • Tree bark rips, cracks and tears
  • Tree bark crunches, hits and drops
  • 2×4, 2×6, 2×10, 2×12 planks dropped and broken
  • 4×4, 6×6, 8×12 heavy beams dropped and hit
  • Sticks and posts dropped
  • Cedar stick squeaks
  • Old bookcase tension creaks
  • Wood paneling ripped with crowbar
  • Walls torn apart
  • Plywood cracks, tears and drops
  • Crate hit and moved
  • Footsteps in the forest

Ultimate Foliage description list – this Sound File List PDF link has the complete WAV file list.



Some videos of the sessions: Foliage Recording Video Part-1, Foliage Recording Video Part-2


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