Ultimate Fire SFX Teaser

Here is my teaser video for my next Ultimate SFX library. This video was really a gas to make (No pun intended). I re-lived all those scorching hot moments standing within 4 feet of large fire bursts, massive slash piles burning and white hot embers while trying not to melt my microphone. Sometimes I smelled the smoke as I was editing the audio and video. Very strange brain tricks happening. Ahhh, I really love the smell of kerosene also! Not.

This insane collection includes over 700 fire sound effects recorded over the last four years on my ranch and at remote logging sites in North Idaho.

Recording set-up: Sound Devices 702, Sanken CSS-5, Fostex FR-2, Audio Technica AT-835ST, Sony PCM-D1 recording at 24Bit/96kHz.

The Recordist presents Ultimate Fire Sound Effects Library. Coming December 15, 2010 (If all goes as planned). Wanna play with fire?

Included in this new collection:

Stove oil, diesel, kerosene and gasoline bursts
Bottles of flammable liquid poofs and explosions
Hand held flame torches
Propane torches
Propane gas stoves
Chemical fires
Jumbo sized match strikes
Very large, medium and small debris piles burning
Hot embers burning
Whooshes and foley

HTML5 Player iPhone compatible:

Ultimate Fire SFX Teaser from Frank Bry on Vimeo.

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