Ultimate Glass SFX Video Gallery

Welcome to the Ultimate Glass Sound Effects Library Video Gallery. Below are some full length videos from the many recording sessions. These videos show as many of the takes as allowable by law. (the law of “making sure I don’t make a fool of myself”). Enjoy!

Ultimate Glass HD ProFiles: 736 • Zip Size: 760.1MB • Price: $75.00 USD

Presenting Ultimate Glass HD Professional Sound Effects Library. This ground breaking collection has 736 pristine glass sound effects recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz. Sounds included but not limited to: Windows, Mirrors, Bottles, Vases, Jars, Dishes, Wine Glasses, Drinking Glasses, Light Bulbs, Ornaments and Computer Screens.

Not only is there the usual smashing and breaking of glass, there are many sounds made by glass that are perfect for video game and film sound design. Pitch, bend, warp and process to your hearts delight. Scraping glass and small impacts were recorded very close up with incredible detail for unusual sound design capabilities.

A house that was being prepared for demolition was Used to smash dozens of windows and mirrors hanging on the walls. Large objects were tossed though the windows from the inside and out.

Over a year in the making and dozens of location recording sessions, this is the Ultimate Glass Collection.

Equipment Used:

Sound Devices 702 – Fostex FR-2 – Sanken CSS-5 – Sennheiser MKH-416 – Audio Technica AT-835ST – Sony PCM-D1


Ultimate Glass SFX Window Breaking – Video posted March 29, 2011

Ultimate Glass SFX Mirrors and Windows – Video posted March 27, 2011

Ultimate Glass SFX Dishes and Stuff

Ultimate Glass SFX Booze Bottles Break

Ultimate Glass SFX Glass Jars and Bottles Break

Ultimate Glass SFX Computer Smashing

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