Ultimate Ice Combo HD Pro

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Presenting Ultimate Ice Combo HD Professional Sound Effects Collection, a massive sound effects from both Ultimate Ice collections. Included are all the crazy North Idaho ice cracks, hits, scrapes and breaks from these ground breaking sound effects libraries. This Combo includes previously released HD sound effects libraries and is stocked full with ice.

Ultimate Ice HD Pro Sound Effects Library contains a whopping 715 cracks, impacts, scrapes, rubs, tension and icicle debris sounds. Recorded at 24-Bit 96kHz and over 4 freaking cold North Idaho winters in the making this new professional sound library will give you the chills.

Ice has tons of character depending on how cold the environment is. It can sound brittle, crunchy, solid, wet and like glass. It has many uses in audio production for video games, film and television but is most useful for keeping your beer cold.

As a naturally occurring crystalline inorganic solid with an ordered structure, ice is considered a mineral. It possesses a regular crystalline structure based on the molecule of water, which consists of a single oxygen atom covalently bonded to two hydrogen atoms, or H-O-H. However, many of the physical properties of water and ice are controlled by the formation of hydrogen bonds between adjacent oxygen and hydrogen atoms. It is a weak bond, but is critical in controlling the structure of both water and ice.

Ice is one of the sound sources I’ve Used the most in the video games I’ve worked on. Whether it was for magic spells, fantasy weapons, impacts, or ice caves, I never had enough ice source material. After spending years trying to design fresh, new ice-based sound effects using the same old library sounds (and man, sometimes it was not easy), I decided it was time to create my own personal collection.

I started recording ice soon after I moved to North Idaho in 1997. Living up here in the middle of nowhere gives me the ability to record lots of ice and snow. We have six very long months of winter so I am always at the ready to run outside very early in the morning to record the latest overnight ice formations (even in my bathrobe if I have to).

The ice in this collection represents my latest recordings at 24-Bit 96kHz. I hope you find these sounds as useful in your audio design as I have.

Contains the following source and actions:
– Puddles, drainage ponds, solid blocks, melting snow banks, icicles, ice sheets.
– Cracked, hit, dragged, dropped, smashed, crushed, rubbed, scraped, scooped, handled.

Equipment Used:
Sound Devices 702 – Sanken CSS-5 – Sony PCM-D1 – Coffee – Warm Boots – Warm Gloves – Carhartt Jacket

Ultimate Ice 2 HD Professional Sound Effects Library, the long awaited sequel to Ultimate Ice HD Pro was recorded over a three month period on the pristine ponds and lakes in North Idaho. This collection was captured with crystal clear detail at 24-Bit 96kHz with the extended frequency range Sennheiser MKH-8040ST XY microphone setup. From the smallest breaks to huge dispersion cracks across lakes hundreds of acres in size, this collection is sure to come in handy on your next “winter” sound design project.

All kinds and thicknesses of ice was recorded and at many different temperatures. It was kicked, cracked, hit with a sledgehammer, crushed into itself and smacked with heavy chunks of ice. Ice debris was dropped and tossed around at many locations for a unbeatable, multiple take set of crash effects. When all these styles of frozen water and air vapor are pitched around with your favorite audio mangling tool, you will be amazed at the broad spectrum of sounds that can be created with the ultra high frequency response of the microphones. Also included is a generous selection of heavy boots walking, running, stomping and sliding on thick ice.

The extreme low frequency nature of some of these ice recordings are perfect for LFE tracks and as additional elements layered in with higher pitch cracks.

Recorded above the ice with a Sennheiser MKH-8040ST microphone rig to capture the large ice temperature fluctuations like the MKH-8040ST can do very well… way down below 20Hz.

Equipment Used:

Sound Devices 702 – Sennheiser MKH-8040ST – Sennheiser MKH-8040 – Hot Coffee – Warm Boots – Warm Gloves – Winter Jacket

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Ultimate Ice HD Pro Combo • Files: 1180 • Price: $125.00 (Save $25.00)
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Ultimate Ice 1 File List PDF

  • Ice Block: Large Block Of Ice Dropped On Wood Surface
  • Ice Block: Large Block Of Ice Slide On Wood Surface, Heavy Ice And Wood Scrape
  • Ice Break: Frozen Puddle: Short Ice Crack
  • Ice Break: Icicles Shatter And Fall To Ground
  • Ice Break: Large Ice Break, With Heavy Snap And Water Movement
  • Ice Break: Large Ice Creak And Break, Squeaking Tension Rubs
  • Ice Bucket, Metal: Ice Movement Large Metal Bucket
  • Ice Chunk: Break, Crash, Large Piece Of Ice Breaks Apart
  • Ice Chunk: Break, Crash, Medium Ice Chunk Impact, Smash
  • Ice Chunk: Break, Crash, Small Piece Of Ice Breaks Apart
  • Ice Chunk: Dropped Onto Ice, Small
  • Ice Chunk: Heavy Piece Of Ice Movement, Impact
  • Ice Chunk: Impact, Solid Piece Of Ice Impact And Slide
  • Ice Chunk: Movement, Scrape, Large Piece Of Ice
  • Ice Crack: Brittle Ice Crack, Small
  • Ice Crack: Crunchy Ice Break Apart
  • Ice Crack: Large Ice Crack, Soft Pressure Cracks
  • Ice Crack: Medium Ice Crack, Break
  • Ice Crack: Ripping, Brittle Ice Crack
  • Ice Crack: Small Ice Puddle Crack, Some Crunchy Debris
  • Ice Crack: Small Puddle Crack, Very Cold, Brittle
  • Ice Crack: Thin Ice Tension Pressure, Slight Cracking
  • Ice Crystals: Ice Freezing, Slight Cracking, Scraping, Hardening
  • Ice Debris: Small And Medium Pieces Of Ice Debris Dropped
  • Ice Impact: Ice Hit With Pick Ax
  • Ice Impact: Large Chunk Of Ice Impact, Crash, Smash
  • Ice Kick: Debris Pieces Kicked, Shatter
  • Ice Movement: Large Chunk Of Ice Slide And Impact With Debris
  • Ice Scrape: Solid Piece Of Ice Slide Across Ice
  • Ice Slusdh: Wet Ice Puddle Scrape, Slide
  • Ice Stab: Ice Stab With Metal Shovel

Ultimate Ice 2 File List PDF

  • Ice, Crack: Drainage Pond – Large Pressure Breaks, Dry 4x
  • Ice, Crack: Drainage Pond – Medium Brittle Breaks Dry Debris Short 1 6x
  • Ice, Crack: Drainage Pond – Medium Hollow Dry Breaks, Short 11x
  • Ice, Crack: Drainage Pond – Medium Hollow Dry Breaks, Short 11x
  • Ice, Crack: Drainage Pond – Medium Thick Breaks, Wet Water Movement 8x
  • Ice, Crack: Drainage Pond – Micro Thin Breaks, Soft Squeaks 1x
  • Ice, Crack: Lake – Large Lake Ice Dispersion Waves 2
  • Ice, Crack: Lake – Shoreline, Large Sheet Pressure Cracks, Water Movement 1
  • Ice, Crack: Pond – Cracking Movement, Medium, Wet, Hollow Debris 5x
  • Ice, Crack: Pond – Medium Thick Slow Pry And Break Large 3x
  • Ice, Crack: Puddle – Large Lake Puddle Pressure Break, Dry, Cold 1 6x
  • Ice, Crack: Retaining Pond – Medium Breaks Wet Bubbles Drips 6x
  • Ice, Footsteps: Boots – Male, Boots, Heavy, Solid Crunch Medium 1
  • Ice, Footsteps: Boots – Male, Boots, Heavy, Solid Medium Run 1
  • Ice, Footsteps: Boots – Male, Boots, Heavy, Solid Medium Stomp 1
  • Ice, Footsteps: Boots – Male, Walk On Broken Wet Ice Covered Pond
  • Ice, Impact: Debris – Chunk Of Solid Ice Drop On Concrete, Break, Debris 9x
  • Ice, Impact: Debris – Hollow Ice Sheet Pieces Drop Thin Frigid 8x
  • Ice, Impact: Hit With Sledgehammer – Hard Impact, Solid Thunk, Debris Large 13x
  • Ice, Impact: Hit With Sledgehammer – Hollow Impact, Some Cracks With Debris 5x
  • Ice, Impact: Hit With Sledgehammer – Large Lake Dispersion Ping 3x
  • Ice, Impact: Pond – Break Object Through Thin Ice Pond Large Splash 8x
  • Ice, Impact: Solid Heavy Drop On Solid Thick Ice Pond, Thud 6x


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