I need thunder claps and booms for this project I’m cutting right now. I don’t bother with a broad database search. I just add THE RECORDIST to the search field and get to work. Thanks for always producing awesome stuff!

Frank has incredible gun sounds. I use his libraries all the time. He’s up in Idaho and can capture these great long tails that are totally pristine and clean. The quality is so good.

I also used recent recordings by Frank Bry, who has a wonderful array of libraries of guns and bullets, from hits and bys to whizzes and everything in between. Those sounds were slightly processed before the mix, again to give them that archival sound feel. (Quote from Sound & Picture)

Earlier this year I did the Sound Design for a movie about The God of Thunder and his friends in Valhalla. For that I needed the very best thunder sounds I could find. And they don’t get better than these. The Recordist rides the lightning!

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