A Train And A Bird And A MKH8060

SFX Recording 2012

This is an informal test of the off-axis rejection capabilities of the Sennheiser MKH 8060 – Short Shotgun Microphone. As the official product blurb states:

“The MKH 8060 offers true and natural sound in a lightweight, rugged package. Reliable under the toughest climatic conditions, the MKH 8060’s symmetrical RF transducer design produces high sensitivity, low distortion, excellent transient response. Newly designed short interference tube yields a pleasing supercardioid / lobar pickup pattern, suppressing off-axis sound without coloration to create extremely natural and detailed results.”

On August 6, 2012 as I sat outside on my deck trying to record a bird screeching in the late night hours I heard an approaching train in the distance and pointed the microphone North in it’s general direction. When the wind is just right the passing trains sound closer than they actually are and sometimes the rumble can vibrate my deck ever so slightly. The train was 5 miles or so away and was heading South West (as they usually do that time of night) I noticed the bird was barely audible and pointed the microphone 90 degrees back towards it. The bird was quite far away up in the mountains behind the house. As I did this 90 degree switch in direction, I noticed the distant train had virtually disappeared and I was quite surprised at how much it was attenuated especially in the lower frequency range.

As you can hear in the demo below the train is not very loud but has a lot of 100Hz and below. As soon as it stops blaring it’s horn the sound level decreases and that’s when I changed the direction of the microphone. The angle did not completely remove the train but is was enough to hear the bird quite clearly.

So far I am very happy with this microphone and have been recording lots of birds and bugs with it and it seems well suited for this. I have many other things I want to record with it and find out what it is good at. I did try it with some bullet passes and I found the MKH-8040 was better suited for that as a non-shotgun microphone. (More on that in the coming weeks) I do want to try it with close up gun sessions and will post the results and a comparison demo with the MKH-416 and MKH-8040.

Enjoy! -Frank

MKH8060 WS2-MZL 2012
The MKH 8060 with a Rycote WS2-MZL ConnBox and Grip

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  1. Roberto
    Roberto says:

    Hi Frank, I love your work, you are great and everything you record sounds great.
    I have just purchased a 8060. I have stressed it and i have notice a lot of hiss with high gain.
    I have tested it with sound devices 702 at full gain. Can you tell me if your mic has a bit hiss or is my mic broken?
    Thank you

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