Idaho: June 5, 2019

The Recordist is pleased to announce GUNFALL (One) HD Professional. The first in a series of sound collections that feature gun drops, kicks, slides, drags, butt stock hits and general mechanical handling layers from a variety of firearms. Featuring handguns, assault rifles, bolt action rifles and shotguns (double barrel & tactical) against a wide selection of surfaces. Also included are interior and exterior versions for a few surfaces.

This collection of over 3000 sounds was recorded with a Schoeps MS microphone set to a Sound Devices recorder. The files are decoded stereo from the original raw MS source. The Schoeps MK4/MK8 combination produced a very natural sound and summing to mono is perfect. Thanks! -Frank

Equipment Used:
Sound Devices 702 | Schoeps MS Pair MK4(mid) MK8(side)

Drop • Place down • Pick up (Grab) • Slide • Scrape • Drag • Kick • Tumble • Hit • Shake.

Dirt • Asphalt • Concrete • Carpet • Grass • Leaves • Brush • Snow • Sand • Stones • Metal (Grate-Mesh-Car) • Trash • Wood • Water.

Available Now for $169.00

The Recordist presents the third installment of the famed Bullets Sound FX Series.

Bullets 3 has taken four years of intricate and complicated recording sessions of sub-sonic and super-sonic bullets impacting and bouncing off a multitude of surfaces. This sound effects library is a ricochet dream come true! Many calibers and locations were uitilized to provide the sound designer with a wide range of options when designing bullet sounds.
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I’m happy to announce that TIRES Episode Two is now available! One of the craziest sound libraries I’ve ever produced. Check out the video if you want to go for a ride. Grab it on sale now!

TIRES Episode Two is the second in a series of sound effects collections that focus only on the sound a tire makes when rolling, skidding and stopping without the engine running. This episode features casual to high speed coasting on various surfaces from a Crossover Utility Vehicle (XUV 4×4) and a smaller All Terrain Vehicle (ATV 4×4). Also included are exterior pass bys from the ATV coasting down steep hills through grass, brush and wood debris.
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I’m pleased to announce that TIRES Episode One is now available! Been a long time coming and a labor of love!

TIRES HD Pro Episode One is the first in a series of sound collections that will focus only on the sound a vehicle tire makes when rolling, spinning, skidding, starting and stopping. Episode One features casual to high speed driving on various surfaces. Recorded during the Winter, Spring and Summer months with different kinds of vehicles. How all this came about is an interesting story.
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