Crazy Sound Of The Year 2012

Pig Feeding And Head Bumping

Presenting the Crazy Sound Of The Year: Pigs eating and head butting each other. These pigs are from my Brothers’ farm and I recorded them with a MKH-8040 at 192K to a Sound Devices 702 recorder on December 30, 2012. They are two weeks out from being bacon and weigh in at 200 pounds or more. When they eat the are VERY aggressive and just push each other out of the way even when there is ample room to eat. They also bite each other sometimes and I did notice a bloody ear or two.

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Explosion Sounds From Scratch

Two years ago I asked myself the question “How can I record the sound of explosions without breaking the bank” After months of research including many hours of watching You Tube videos I asked my local gun shop if they would be able to help me. “Yes we can” was the enthusiastic answer. So, a little over a year ago during the first M-60 machine gun recording session I was able to finally record what is known as “Tannerite”. For those who do not know, Tannerite is a binary exploding target that contains two elements that are sold separated and when mixed together and shot with a high powdered rifle makes quite a loud noise. These sessions came out great even though we got rained out later in the day and had to scramble to get the equipment under cover.

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Crazy Sound of the Month: Sept, 2012

MuaserHere is the sound of a custom Mauser 6.5×300 Weatherby rifle I recorded during the cliff bullet ricochet sessions earlier in September 2012. This is a special rifle that shoots large custom bullets. The shell is squeezed down in size to fit the barrel. I’m not sure why, but someone does.

I set up in a clearing right at the edge of where the rock ledge began to slope downward towards a 600 meter or more drop off. I really have no idea how far down the forest floor was but it seemed like a good idea not to fall off. I placed a MKH-8040 on each side of the gun approximately 3 meters away and slightly behind the muzzle. I placed the MKH-8040ST XY90 microphone rig 6 meters behind the gun. We recorded 15 shots and I moved the microphones around after a few just to get a different sound.

I had some challenges way up in the mountains at over 3500 feet such as flying grasshoppers, fairly strong wind gusts, burning sunshine and the occasional floatplane passing overhead. All in all the session went well and aside from getting very tired chasing the grasshoppers away I was thrilled.

The sound below has one of the shots I recorded and I included the full microphone mix, the MKH8040ST, the MKH8040 (L-R dual mono stereo) and the MKH8040ST played back at 50% and 25% speed. The file is available for a short time at 24/96 so you can hear the full bandwidth of the 8040 mics and experiment with various processes. I did add some Compression and L2 limiting to bring out the beautiful mountain reverb tail and if you listen closely you can hear the bullet hit a rock very far away (2.8 seconds after the shot). FREE and Downloadable at 24-Bit 96kHz.Enjoy! -Frank

Muaser Microphone placement

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The Sound of Black Powder

Some video footage from recording the sound of black powder and regular gun powder for Explosives HD Pro SFX Library earlier this year. Black powder and gun powder are basically the same thing but gun powder comes in the smokeless type also. Enjoy! -Frank

Here is some video footage from recording the sound of black powder for Explosives HD Pro SFX Library. The audio track in this video is from a MKH-8040ST. Other microphones I used during the sessions were a MKH-416 and a Sanken CSS-5. Recorded over a 2 week period, I was experimenting with a few different types of black powder to see what sounds it would make separately and combined. As you can hear in this demonstration the smokeless kind produces a nice fat flame rumble while the regular kind makes a bright flash and sizzle.
Here is some video from recording the sound of gun powder for Explosives HD Pro SFX Library. The sound in the video is from a dual mono microphone setup using a MKH8040 and a MKH416. Each microphone has its own distinct sound and when blended, work really well together. The Rycote windjammers look like they are being cooked but they appear closer that than actually were. It was windy when I started and then it calmed a bit so I removed them.

These sessions went very well. Making Ultimate Fire SFX helped in knowing when to back off with the microphones when it got to hot. I did end up getting a new Rycote blimp for my MKH8040ST just in case it melted a bit. Just a precaution, I did not notice any melting or difference in sound, but I did not want to risk using it anymore. Rycote makes their gear to fairly exacting specs with the cloth and plastics used. Better safe than sorry when out recording stuff. Fire is crazy sometimes and the “Fire Gods” were looking out for me 🙂

All images and sound effects copyright 2012 Frank Bry – Creative Sound Design
Music by Mick Gordon


Explosives HD Pro SFX Trailer

Get ready… It’s coming very soon. More than 450 earth shaking explosions and black powder sound effects in High Definition from The Recordist. Here is a small sampling of the many recording sessions from the last 3 years. Don’t miss the blooper clip at the very end of the video!

As many of you already know I’ve been recording lots of Black Powder and other “Explosive” things. Well, here is the audio teaser and video trailer showcasing some of the sounds I recorded and designed from the raw source material.

I’ve recorded a whole bunch of Tannerite, White Lightning, A Black Powder Cannon, Large Caliber Rifles and some other secret stuff I’m not cleared to have video and pictures of. This new library will be a massive collection of things that make a loud noise when lit up and will include all sorts of black powder bursts, sizzle, flames, rocket type effects and many other things I have not thought of yet.

Some of the source material is thunder, lightning, plastic air pops, Weatherby 300 rounds and various shotguns. Here in North Idaho we have a amazing environment for recording loud bangs and weapons. The reverb tails even from a small caliber rifle can produce really cool echoes and textures depending on the location and time of year. Some of the locations where I recorded were on a mountain top rock quarry, a dense forest, a medium size gravel pit and my own field here on the ranch. I’ve also recorded during all the four seasons and I will say they all sound a little different.

The collection is still a work in progress and I have many more sessions planned for this fall. When I feel the library contains enough sounds it will be released as a Beta then as the final collection. Until then please enjoy the video and audio presentations and keep an eye out for future blog posts of the latest recording sessions. Enjoy! -Frank

All images and sounds copyright 2012 Frank Bry – Creative Sound Design, LLC