Suppressed Weapons Stage 2 Gallery

Suppressed Weapons Update
Stage 2 recording and post production has been underway all summer and continues into the Fall. So far over 15 location recording sessions have been completed, some small and some large. Many locations were used to provide the sound designer with an abundance of unique spaces. Close and distant microphones were used that can be mixed and matched to produce realistic and not so realistic suppressor sounds. I have a few more recording sessions planned that should round out the collection.
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Suppressed Weapons Teaser Videos

Coming very soon from THE RECORDIST: Suppressed Weapons HD Professional Sound Effects Library. The first of it’s kind, this collection is dedicated to the sound of suppressors. For the last year I have been recording various gun suppressors in the wilds of North Idaho. This new collection includes some of the quietest suppressors on the market today. If you have ever been near a full auto M-16 machine gun without a suppressor you know how LOUD it is. Well, it’s been completely tamed with a very fine suppressor. Stage 1 is nearing completion and will be available in just a few days. Stage 2 will be recorded this fall with a completely different set of suppressors. Stay tuned for more information.

Check out the teaser videos on what’s to come:

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Barn Destruction Sound Effects

Ultimate Wood II HD Pro SFX Library recording is underway! Much more to come.

Wood Barn Be Gone: Published on Apr 28, 2015

This video has the audio track from a MKH-8040 ST Microphone System. Recorded at 24-bit 96kHz to a Sound Devices 702.

Lots of this wood from this dusty old barn will be reclaimed. Very fine wood and made some very fine sounds. Next up: Total destruction with a giant claw. More photos to come.

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Welcome To New and Improved Website

A warm thanks to those who banged on the site during the re-launch yesterday! Bugs were fixed and other things buttoned up.

As you may have heard I have completely re-built The Recordist website with a new e-commerce system and theme. Some of you know that it’s no easy task to rebuild a website from the ground up and boy, I have to say it was a time consuming process. My old website used a third party e-commerce shopping cart (DPD) that served me well for over five years. The guys that run DPD are wonderful and have a great set of tools for website shopping carts. Their system was not really build for WordPress and I had to hand code the data into a blog post and the rest is to boring to tell you.

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Supersonic Subsonic Bullets

After a year and a half of studying ammunition ballistics and acquiring all kinds of high speed and sub sonic ammunition, the recording of the second installment of Bullets HD Professional SFX library is underway. This time I’m going with larger calibers and shooting longer distances. This recording adventure is not easy and I will say it’s been one heck of a learning curve.

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