Crazy Sound Of The Year 2012

Pig Feeding And Head Bumping

Presenting the Crazy Sound Of The Year: Pigs eating and head butting each other. These pigs are from my Brothers’ farm and I recorded them with a MKH-8040 at 192K to a Sound Devices 702 recorder on December 30, 2012. They are two weeks out from being bacon and weigh in at 200 pounds or more. When they eat the are VERY aggressive and just push each other out of the way even when there is ample room to eat. They also bite each other sometimes and I did notice a bloody ear or two.

It was very cold in the barn and after a few minutes my hand was almost numb from holding the aluminum boom pole. I tried to be as still as possible with the microphone but sometimes a pig would look up and start snorting into the microphone. They can move very quickly and I did get some snot on the windscreen a couple of times. They make a nice slimy chomping sound when eating grain pellets and when there are a few pigs munching it sounds even nastier.

The pigs were eating after a long cold day of running around in the yard and if you have ever witnessed hungry pigs, I will tell you they push each other around a bit. They bump heads and bite each other and when it’s all over they all go huddle together like a family at night to stay warm. These pigs all have a unique name and are loved and cared for by my brother and his partner. They take very good care of them.

I did try to record the sound they make when you scratch their back but they were more interested in eating dinner. It’s a really insane vocalization sound. They love getting their back scratched.

This sound is free to download at 24-Bit 48K. HAPPY NEW YEAR! and I hope any meals you have with friends and family don’t go like this feast. Enjoy! -Frank

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Pig Recording 2012

Pig Recording 2012

Pig Recording 2012

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