Crazy Stupid Sound Of The Week 2011-08-05

This is a new series at The Recordist that showcases a crazy stupid sound recorded while attempting to record serious sounds for my collections. Every week I will try find a sound I captured that is worthy of being called crazy stupid.

Water Pipe Photo

This week’s sound is from a session I did at the local Fish Hatchery back in May 2011. Since the lake level was low from the winter I was able to walk out onto the rocky shoreline well below the drainage pipes and record the water flowing out. This two foot round pipe was the main drainage pipe from the hatchery and had a good steady flow of water splashing out onto the rocks before draining into the lake.

After recording many perspectives from the outside and inside of the pipe I was just about to leave when I swung the AT-835ST microphone away from the pipe and noticed a cool panning splash effect. I proceeded to swing the mic back and forth and in and out of the pipe. I did hit the pipe a few times but after all is said and done it’s a crazy stupid sound. Enjoy! -Frank

Next up: Office air conditioner convulsions

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