Crazy Stupid Sound Of The Week 2011-08-12

Hummingbird at flower

This week I present a hummingbird. I’m not sure if this qualifies as a Crazy Stupid Sound but this is the first time I’ve been able to record a hummingbird up close. I was going to post about a cool sounding commercial air conditioning unit at a office complex but since this happened yesterday I changed things up a little bit and will bring it on over next week.

During the summer we have many hummingbirds in North Idaho and my ranch seems to attract them because of all of the flower gardens my wife has. Last night as I was closing up the garage I heard the hummingbird in front of a window. I’m not sure how long it was flying there but it seemed to be doing OK. I quickly ran and grabbed my recording in waiting, the Sony PCM-D1 and recorded the bird for just a few minutes as it seemed to be getting tired. These birds are very friendly but the move very fast if spooked. I’ve been sitting on my porch and have had them fly right up to me and stare for a few seconds and then zip away. Every time that happens I wish I had a microphone mounted on my head to record their sound. It’s amazing. After recording I gently picked the bird up from the open window and he flew off into the night.

I was not able to get some photos of the actual hummingbird but this morning I was able to take pictures of one outside in a flower garden.

Enjoy! -Frank

A Hummingbird Crazy Wing Flaps by therecordist

Hummingbird at flower

Hummingbird at flower

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  1. Rodney Gates
    Rodney Gates says:

    Ha ha, nice Frank! Now pitch this down 24 semitones with time correction on and run it through the InTheMachine patch in Crystallizer and you may get something similar to the energy source I used for a hovertank this week! It sounded very similar to the source I used. 🙂

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