Explosions The Alloy-oZone Way

I have been trying out two iZotope processors for a few days now and discovered they can really enhance raw sound effects recordings in an exciting way (for me anyway). I’m tired of the same old stuff from the mainstream plug-in companies and want to spice up my life a bit. For this blog post I ran some explosion sound effects I recorded in 2012 in various mountain ranges in North Idaho. I was messing around with Alloy 2 and Ozone 5 in the Soundminer Pro VST Rack and came up with two explosion sounds that really got my creative juices flowing.

THe demo has the explosions in the sequence of RAW and then PROCESSED for a ORTF MKH8040ST and then a XY MKH8040ST recorded as two sync locked stereo tracks. I wish I kept the VST Rack settings but during my excitement I accidentally cleared the rack. Oops. Here goes from memory and some screen grabs of the FX chain list.

The first in the FX chain was Alloy 2 with the EQUALIZER – TRANSIENT – EXCITER – LIMITER. The EQUALIZER was just to filter out any heavy subsonic low end that might overdrive the FX chain. The TRANSIENT was set to have maximum sustain and attack. The EXCITER was used to enhance the high end ever so slightly. Finally, the LIMITER was set medium loud with a short release.
Ozone 5
Next up was Ozone 5 with the DYNAMICS and MAXIMIZER modules active. A very simple chain with some multiband dynamics on the low and high frequencies to boost them up and add some life. The MAXIMIZER was totally cranked as far as it could go. 20dB if I remember correctly.

Well, that’s it for now. I just wanted to share my excitement with you about these fantastic processors and tell you they can be used for just abut anything. -Frank

All sounds copyright 2013 Frank Bry – Creative Sound Design, LLC. All Rights Reserved.