My sources tell me we might be in for a long winter here in North Idaho so I thought it would be a good idea to start the firewood production process early. The wood needs some time to dry so in the heat of summer you have to get moving.

Wood Splitter Photo

Over the years I have chopped my share of firewood. I grew up on the East coast with burning firewood then stopped when I lived in Seattle and when I moved to Idaho back in 1997 I resumed. I must be getting old because last year I got a electric wood splitter. Five cord of firewood is a lot of wood to get inside the shed for the winter so I am taking the easy way out. Machines are wonderful but I do miss the exercise from using a maul on a wood stump.

Wood Splitter Photo

Here is the sound of a 2 year old dry log being split. Included are versions pitched down 2 octaves. Enjoy! -Frank


Recording a tree falling for winter firewood with a Sanken CSS-5 microphone and a Sound Devices 702 recorder.

Tree Falling on August 7 2011 in North Idaho from Frank Bry on Vimeo.

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