Frank BryThe Recordist presents a collection of free sound effects in MP3 format. These sound effects are from The Recordist Private Collection library and the “Special Edition”. The MP3 stereo versions are sourced from high quality 16-bit / 44.1kHz audio files.

These “free for personal use” sound effects are also for sale for commercial use. Contact The Recordist to purchase a license for single or multiple audio files. You will receive the original source WAV files when your purchase is complete. Contact The Recordist for details.

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New Sound Effects for 2014!


Sounds From The HD Professional Series – 256k MP3


Auto SUV 2007 Tahoe Pass By 1
Bird Robin Chirps Angry
Bullet Impact Burst Auto Dashboard
Bullet Impact Glass Window
Bullet Impact Metal Hard Clang
Bullet Ricochet Classic
Bullet Ricochet Incoming Whizz
Bullet Ricochet Jungle Grass
Bullet Ricochet Sharp
Cannon Back Powder Shot
Crash Metal Junk Large
Explosion Large Blast 1
Explosion Large Blast 2
Explosion Large Blast 3
Explosion Large Blast Distorted
Explosion Large KaBoom Echo
Explosion Large Mountain
Fire Burst Whoosh Crackle 1
Fire Burst Whoosh Large 1
Fire Torch Whooshes 1
Gun AK47 Machine Gun 1
Gun AK47 Machine Gun 2
Gun AR15 Machine Gun 1
Gun AR15 Machine Gun 2
Gun AR15 Machine Gun 3 Single Shot
Gun AR15 Rifle Suppressed 1
Gun Glock 17 9mm Single Shot 1
Gun Glock 19 9mm Single Shot 1
Gun Machine Gun M60E Burst 1
Gun Machine Gun M60E Burst 2
Gun MP5 9mm Machine Gun 1
Gun Shotgun Mossberg 590 1
Gun Tommy Gun Burst 1
Helicopter Pass By Huey 1
Prop Beechcraft Baron 58P Pass By Fast
Rockslide Large 1
Thunder Clap Spring
Thunder Clap Summer
Train Freight Horn Blasts
Train Freight Pass By Fast Rail Cars
Train Freight Pass By Fast
Water Mud Splats 01
Water Splash 1
Water Splash 2
Wood Crack Plywood Rip 1

New Sound Effects for 2013!


Airplanes – Modern Aircraft

Jet, Boeing 777 Pass By #1
Jet, Boeing 777 Pass By #2
Jet, Boeing 777 Pass By #3
Jet, Boeing 777 Take-Off
Jet, Boeing 777 Ground Taxi
Jet, Boeing 737 Pass By, During Take-Off
Jet, Boeing 747 Pass By
Jet, Boeing 757 Pass By
Jet, Boeing 767 Pass By
Jet, Boeing 757 Engine Throttle
Jet, KC-135 Tanker Pass By
Jet, LearJet Pass By
Rocket Launch
Jet, Large, Pass By #1 (Special Edition)
Jet, Large, Pass By #2 (Special Edition)
Jet, Large, Pass By #3 (Special Edition)
Jet, Large, Pass By #4 (Special Edition)
Jets, In Flight, Exterior (Special Edition)
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Airplanes – Modern Warbirds

Jet, C-141 Pass By 1
Jet, C-141 Pass By 2
Jet, B-1B Bomber Taxi By
Jet, B-1B Bomber Pass By 1
Jet, B-1B Bomber Pass By 2
Jet, B-1B Bomber Pass By 4
Jet, B-52 Bomber Pass By
Jet, B-52 Bomber Engines
Jet, B-2 Stealth Bomber Pass By
Jet, F-117 Stealth Fighter Pass By 1
Jet, F-117 Stealth Fighter Pass By 2
Jet, F-14 Take-Off
Jet, F-16 Turbine Start
Jet, F-16 Pass By 1
Jet, F/A-18 Engine Throttle Up
Jet, F/A-18 Ground Taxi
Jet, F/A-18 Pass By, Extremely Fast
Jet, F/A-18 Pass By 2
Jet, F/A-18 Pass By 3
Jet, F/A-18 Pass By 4
Jet, F/A-18 Group Pass By 5
Jet, U2 Spy Plane Pass By
Jet, A-10 Warthog Pass By
Jet Pass By, Screaming Fighter Jet
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Airplanes – Propeller Driven

Prop Plane, Beechcraft Pass By
Prop Plane, Cessna 152 Landing Pass By
Prop Plane, Cessna 172 Start Engine
Prop Plane, Cessna 172 Taxi In And Shut Off
Prop Plane, Cessna 172 Pass By, Take Off
Prop Plane, Lockheed C-121 Pass By
Prop Plane, Stunt Plane Pass By
Prop Plane, T-6 WWII Trainer Pass By
Prop Plane, Turbo-Prop Landing Overhead
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Airplanes – Antique Warbirds

Prop Plane, P-51 Mustang Pass By
Prop Plane, P-51 Mustang Pass By, Very Fast
Prop Plane, WWII B-17 Bomber Taxi By
Prop Plane, WWII B-17 Bomber Take-Off
Prop Plane, WWII B-17 Bomber Pass By #2
Prop Plane, WWII B-17 Bomber Pass By #2
Prop Plane, WWII B-24 Bomber Pass By #1
Prop Plane, WWII B-24 Bomber Pass By #2
Prop Plane, North American T-28 Pass By
Prop Plane, North American T-28 Start-Taxi Away
Prop Plane, German Heinkel Taxi By
Prop Plane, WWII Squadron Take Off
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Sci-Fi Worlds One

Missile Pass By 1 (SE)
Missile Pass By 2 (SE)
Missile Incoming And Fly By (SE)
Spacecraft Start Engines (SE)
Spacecraft Accelerate Away (SE)
Z-Wing Spacecraft Start Engines (SE)
Z-Wing Spacecraft Ext: In Flight (SE)
Z-Wing Spacecraft Pass By 01 (SE)
Z-Wing Spacecraft Pass By 06 (SE)
Space Whoosh (SE)
Demonic Whoosh (SE)
Crystal Whoosh Stinger (SE)
Metallic Clunk, SCI-FI (SE)
Explosion, SCI-FI Missile Impact (SE)
Alien Spaceship Pass By (SE)
Alien Bug Radio Transmission (SE)
Telemetry Data Beeps (SE)
Radio Com Unit Transmit (SE)

Sci-Fi Worlds Two

Robot Servo, Commander Bot (SE)
Dragon Breathing (SE)
Dragon Growling (SE)
Demonic Monster Growling (SE)
Laser Gun Burst (SE)
Laser Beam, Crystallite Transformation (SE)
Crystal Forcefield Crack And Shatter
Metal Impact With Low Rumble
Metallic Energy Freezing Or Crystalizing
Machine Power Down
Robot: Small Servo Movement
Spacecraft, Scifi: Space Jet Fighter Fly By
Spacecraft, Scifi: Space Jet Engines Throttle Up
Spacecraft, Scifi: Starfighter Fly By, Extremely Fast
Futuristic Train Pass By, Heavy Rumble
Whoosh, Scifi: Large Whoosh With Metallic Overtones

Avalanches and Icebergs

Snow Avalanche 1
Snow Avalanche 2
Snow Avalanche Ice Crack, Break
Iceberg Crack
Iceberg Impact On Water
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Thunder And Lightning

Thunder, Large Crack (SE)
Thunder, Large and Rolling (SE)
Lightning Strike #4 (SE)
Thunder Strike
Thunder Rumble
Thunder Large
Thunder Boom
Thunder Booming (SE)
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The Elements

Wind, Howling Storm
Mud Splat
Water Splash, Rock Into Pond
Water Splash, Small
Forest Fire (Source 24Bit/96kHz)
Fire Burn, Large Brush Pile (Source 24Bit/96kHz)
Fire Whoosh and Crackle
Match Light, Fire Burst
Snowball, Impact, Heavy #6 (SE)
Snowball, Impact, Large #1 (SE)
Ice Cracking #1
Ice Cracking #2 (SE)
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Crash And Impact

Wood Crash, Planks Falling Off Stack
Wood Crash, Large Tree Fall
Wood Crash, Large Tree Falling (SE)
Wood Crash, Heavy Wood Crash (SE)
Large Tree Crack, Breaking Apart (SE)
Large Metal Crash With Whoosh (SE)
Metal Crash, Large With Debris
Metal Crash, Large Tin Box Fall
Metal I-Beam Fall To Floor
Metal Impact, Large Sheetmetal Hit
Large Metal Impact With Debris (SE)
Glass Crash, Large Object Through Window
Glass Crash, Large (SE)
Rock Fall Down Slope, Large

Metal Scrape
Metal Hit, Large Fuel Storage Tank
Metal Hit, Hollow Object
Metal Hit, Large Grate Hit
Wood Hit With Large Ax
Wood Creak, Large Platform
Wood Break, Crack and Splinter
Wood Beam Cracking (SE)
Explosion, Large Building Demolition (SE)
Gun, Shotgun Blast – Close Up
Fireworks Finale
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Honda 1100cc Motorcycle Engine Reving
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Pull Away
Harley Davidson Motorcycle Pass By at 85MPH
Truck Starter Malfunction
Truck Grinding Gears
Truck, Big Rig Horn Blast
Pick-up Truck Running, No Muffler
Chevy Nova Hot-Rod Pass By
Dragster Race, Funnycar Pass By
Chevy Camaro Engine Running Badly
School Bus Pneumatic Door Close
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Trains, Trams And Trolley

Freight Train, Rail Cars Coupling
Freight Train Pass By, Fast With Horn Blasts #1
Freight Train Pass By, Fast With Horn Blasts #2
Freight Train Pass By, Fast With Horn Blasts #3
Amtrak Passenger Train Pass By
Amtrak Passenger Train Horn Blare Pass By
Monorail Pass By
Monorail Door Close
Seattle Trolley Pass By
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Air Release, Truck Brakes
Switch, Large Electrical Breaker
Large Industrial Switch (SE)
Motor, Servo Lift
Motor, Hydraulic Servo
Motor, Industrial Water Pump
Motor, Large 800,000 Watt Generator
Power Tool, Air Drill
Chain Winch Pulls
Chain Saw, Reving and Cutting


Hydroplane Turbine Start-Up
Ferry Horn, Close Perspective
Ferry Horn, Distant
Inboard Ski Boat Pass By
Small Boat Drive Away

Doors & Structures

Door, Metal w/Counterweight Close
Door, Metal Factory Door Close
Door, Jail Cell Slide Close
Door, Metal Slammed
Metal Door Kick Open
Door, Old Wooden Shack Creaking
Door, Metal Groaning (SE)
Door, Container Lid Slam Shut (SE)
Huge Metal Door Slam (SE)

Doors Processed

Vault Door, Large Impact (SE)
Heavy Metal Door Slam And Rattle (SE)
Large Metal Door Roll Shut (SE)
Heavy Metal Door Roll And Slam (SE)
SCIFI Metal Door Slam Shut #1 (SE)
SCIFI Metal Door Slam Shut #2 (SE)

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