Freight Train At Station

While recording the floodwaters here today I happened to see a train heading for town so I stopped at the Sandpoint train station and waited. A minute later the train pulls up and stops right in front of me! I did not expect this to happen as they usually just pass through town slowly on their journey. I had the microphone on a boom pole and was barely hanging on to it as it was very windy. I did not have a chance to take any photos or video as I was caught by surprise at the train actually stopping and I did not want to let go of the boom pole. Here is the 24-Bit 96k sound recorded with a Sennheiser MKH-8040ST set to XY/120 Degrees (wider is good!)

This track has some nice air brake releases and electrical generator power-ups along with a few BIG rail car slack action metal impacts. This is free to download for a limited time only at 24-Bit 96K. Enjoy! No April fools around here! -Frank

Please Note: The Recordist standard End User License applies to these free sound effects.

This train pulled up from the south and stopped in right front of me (talk about luck!) while I was sitting on a bench at the train station all alone. The train was waiting for the track switch to engage. After the switch was ready he pulled forward a few hundred feet then stopped again. That’s when the rail cars slammed and banged against each other.

This train was heading South and as I waved to the engineer he gave me two quick horn blasts as he was passing. I noticed the rails looked like they were replaced and the wheels sounded smoother than the last time was at the station recording. Fresh rails make for less squeaks and tension. Smooth rail sailing!

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