Glass Cracking With Sennheiser 8040ST

I’ve only had the Sennheiser 8040’s for a few days and have been out recording as much as I can to familiarize myself with the microphones. I have been amazed at the quality and low noise of these mics. I will be doing more blog posts with in depth info in the days and weeks ahead. I am just so thrilled with the glass sounds recorded that I wanted to quickly share them. Now I’ve got to go back to real work!

Sennheiser 8040ST

Here are some glass window frame debris demos I recorded at 24-Bit 192K with a SD 702 and the 8040 mics:

Glass crack recording with a matched stereo pair of Sennheiser 8040s. 1. Original Pitch 2. One Octave Down 3. Two Octaves Down

Glass SFX 8040ST

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  1. Colin Hunter  May 19, 2011

    Nice! Look forward to hearing further recordings with the 8040s!

  2. Matt Dichirico  May 19, 2011

    Thanks Frank!

  3. David Philipp  June 1, 2011

    Nice SFX!!

    Are you using the 8040’s with or without the filter module?



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