Inside A Pipe Truck Monks

I was out recording with my Sennheiser MKH-416 the other day trying to record a small dribbling stream down behind the house. On the way back up to the house I walked by and old satellite mounting post set in concrete that I had removed years ago. I thought that if I stick the microphone inside the 7 inch steel pipe I might hear something strange. I’ve hit the post before and it makes a standard metal clank so I was curious to hear that from the inside. Just as I stuck the MKH-416 inside a truck was driving by the house. My location was down a hill behind the house far from the road. This is some of what I recorded, speaks for itself.

Inside A Pipe Truck Monks by therecordist

Pipe Monks

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  1. Tom Todia  July 31, 2011

    What great harmonics must be stacking up in there! Its a nature drone, I love it and will most likely copy this in some way.

  2. The Recordist  July 31, 2011

    I made the file available for download. Got to Soundcloud and grab it!


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