Recording Large Fire Bursts 11-6-2010

This is the second installment for a series of blog posts following my recording of a new library I am releasing soon called Ultimate Fire. Last week I posted pictures and video of recording a traditional torch. This week shows me dumping various flammable liquids on a bed of coals that had burned quietly overnight.

I’ve been recording fire for this collection since 2007. So far I’ve recorded 10 gigabytes of raw material for this collection. I started out with small and medium size slash piles burning and have since recorded massive slash piles left over from a logging operation, burning bushes, small propane burners, propane torches, jet torches, various liquids on the ground and in containers and some large fire bursts which you will see in the video below.

Setting up and recording fire for this new Ultimate collection has been a lot of work, dangerous, but most of all a hell of a lot of fun. I will go into greater detail on the foolishness and techniques used shortly before the libary is released next month. Until then: Burn Baby Burn!

Some photos are here: Fire Recording Pics 11-07-2010


Recording set-up: Sound Devices 702, Sanken CSS-5, Fostex FR-2, Audio Technica AT-835ST recording at 24Bit/192kHz.